Glimpses of the beautiful culture of Kashmir

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Glimpses of the beautiful culture of Kashmir

Aasma Chohan

AUGUST 18, 2018

Kashmir, the region surrounded by Himalayas and Karakoram mountains is blessed with overloaded beauty and rich culture.

Here are some of the amazing things in Kashmir culture
Phiren and poots represent the most unique culture of Kashmir. Kashmiris love to wear this traditional dress. In summer season these phiren and poots are made of cotton and in winter these are made of wool. Kashmiris also uses pooch inside phiren to save from burns because of Kangri and also to beat the cold of winter. Combination of phiren and kangri is the best way to survive in freezing weather.

Kashmiri enjoys the beauty of winter. Kanger is beautiful part of Kashmiri culture;in winters Kashmiri use earthenware portable fire pots to fightoff freezing weather.Kangris are filled with burning coals and are placed inside the phiren. Without this winters are incomplete. These kangris are made across Kashmir region for centuries. Kashmiris have maintained this ancient tradition.

Bridal kangris are prepared contains different rows and are named after rows such as zezal (two chains), trezal (three chains) to sathzal (seven chains).

Besides kangri, in Kashmiri culture, the houses have fire places, and traditional wood burning stoves called as Bukhari are placed. Near bukhari people use to sit and enjoy chit chat with their family members and neighbors in cold snowy nights.

Samovar is also known as Kashmiri copper kettles are integral part of every occasion. These are especially designed made of copper with tin coating and fir container where charcoal is placed. These are used to serve traditional drinks like noon chai, kehwa usually made with Kashmiri roses.

Kashmir culture is also exhibited in their handicraft industry. Kashmiri handicrafts are admired in entire world. Each handicraft represents uniqueness. Kashmiri shawlsare made of pure wool with exquisite embroidery work, handmade carpets with soothing blend of color, walnut wood carving with traditional work makes Kashmiri culture more beautiful.

Kashmiri passes their harsh winter days by consuming “Hokh-suen” (prepared by dried vegetables), dried fruits, dumaalo, combination of walnut and corn, smoked fish.Thus winters are equally good with these things that please our bellies.

One thing that is common in Kashmiri culture is love, tolerance and affection for each other.