Gool tragedy and ‘collective conscience’

The controversial judgement of Supreme Court on hanging Afzal Guru where it found no direct involvement of the person in Parliament attack and delivered verdict on circumstantial evidence and withhold execution to satisfy the ‘collective conscience’ seems to be for one class of people only. Why does not the courts take up the case of Gool killings, where four civilians. Muslims, where killed by military as they were protesting against the sacrilege committed by the men in uniform. Where is the ‘collective conscience’ of India now? People of Jammu and Kashmir are also demanding the same punishment for the murders of Gool incident, the ‘collective conscience’ of the people of J&K seems to be not important because they are Muslims.  



If the ‘collective conscience’ is any criteria to deliver justice, then justice in Gool massacre should not be delayed and inquiry should not be packed up within few weeks or months with no indictment and no prosecution. If the criteria apply only in certain cases, involving certain people only, then India must renounce its claim to be guaranteeing equal rights to all.  

So far as the individual conscience of the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir is considered, they have bargained it and kept it mortgaged at Delhi. No matter who is leading our state, they all sail in the same boat. They can only watch the massacres happening before them and remain silent spectators.

Since the acts like Gool killings at the hand of security forces are directly under Central control, whether the atrocities are committed by Army, BSF or CRPF troopers, the Central government is directly responsible for their actions. If Government of India wants to prove its state based on secular concept, it will have to deliver the justice in Gool killings and all other pending cases against the forces. If GoI does not change its policy and civilian killings and commissions will keep happening, there is leader, no Chief Minister or any other institution that can save the tarnished image in the world.  

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