Gory Gyre Of Turbulence

By: Azam Inqilabi

India, with lurking imperialistic fixation and nefarious expansionistic designs, is acting as a relentless constrictor which pounces on its prey and, after vigorously coiling round it, causes its death through fatal compression. In 1947, Indian rulers, who were disingenuously fixated on dichotomic communal stance against their adversary (Pakistan), superciliously ignored and bypassed the pro-freedom vox populi of Kashmiris and blatantly and flagrantly invaded Kashmir on Oct. 27-1947. Indian imperialists, who were surcharged with bigotry and bias obtruded with disdainful chauvinistic arrogance to facilitate ethnic cleansing in Jammu province where barbarian Indian forces, in league with the fugitives of Dogra army and RSS fanatics, indulged in massacre and mayhem thereby butchering and slaughtering two and a half lakh Muslims and forcing over four lakh of them to flee and go into exile.

History will not condone the predatory and ravenous role of Mehar Chand Mahajan, the fleeing Prime Minister of Kashmir, who fomented the communal frenzy and at whose behest thousands of Muslims of Jammu city were herded together and bundled into trucks; the hapless victims of vandalism were hurriedly whisked off to Samba where armed goons and hooligans mercilessly murdered them one by one. Complicity of Delhi imperialists in the clandestine game plan to purge Jammu region of Muslims through well-orchestrated scourge and holocaust is an irrefragable historical fact. Cunning Indian rulers, while feeling nostalgic about the Chanakiyan and Machiavellian stratagem of “deceit and dissemblance in dispensation” began to woo and lull Kashmiris into false sense of security through overt and covert modes of coercive machination.

Kashmir, garrisoned by lakhs of Indian armed personnel who have been exempted from and indemnified against accountability by the draconian laws like AFSPA and DAA, has become a veritable hell due to the tyrannical role of the forces of occupation. Kashmir is teetering on the brink due to the hubristic totalitarianism and authoritarianism of Indian imperialist rulers who do not relent, notwithstanding the stiff resilient resistance of Kashmiri freedom zealots. Six hundred thousand Kashmiri martyrs are lying buried in 550 cemeteries here. Thousands of Kashmiris have been maimed and mutilated in torture cells of interrogation centres. Thousands of Kashmiris were arrested and lodged in jail dungeons where they have been languishing for years on end. Dr. Muhammad Qasim, the freedom ideologue with monotheistic ideological commitment, has already completed 22 years of incarceration.

Dr. Ayub Thakur, Kashmiri Dr. Qadeer Khan as I call him for his extraordinary ingenuity, was a resourceful young nuclear scientist who was exiled from Kashmir by Indian authorities in 1981. Dr. Ayub passed away in London on March 10, 2004. He was an uncompromising pacifist proponent of Kashmir cause. The domineering authoritarianism, chauvinistic hubris and imperialistic arrogance of colonial rulers of India displayed impetuosity and obstreperousness when they callously decided to execute Kashmir resistance icon, Maqbool Butt, in Tihar jail Delhi on Feb. 11-1984. This barbarian act of state terrorism unimaginably boomeranged and backfired when young Kashmiri revolutionaries launched guerrilla war in 1988 under the command of Gen. Ashfaq Majeed Wani.

Cathartic surge of pent-up feelings, inveterate hatred and acrimonious protrusion and protuberance was glaringly conspicuous and palpable when millions of processionists evinced and exuded patriotic sentiments while chanting eulogizing epicedium and elegy in memory of Kashmiri martyrs. And armed freedom zealots fought pitched battles in the rugged terrain of Kashmir. The situation of complete collision between subjective patriotic sentiments of freedom votaries and imperialistic rowdyism of Indian rulers baffled and flustered the desperate desperadoes of New Delhi. The 25-year-old insurgency and insurrection has dangerously polarized the politics of South Asia. Gory gyre of turbulence in Kashmir consumed over a lakh freedom votaries; yes, it claimed about thirty thousand Indian soldiers too. The clamorous cant, sophism, paralogism and subterfuge of Indian rulers could not hoodwink the emancipated political luminaries of the world. So they debunk, refute and repudiate the false and misleading Kashmir narrative of Indian imperialists.

The horrifying and gruesome situation of human rights abuse and violations in Kashmir has stigmatized, blemished and tarnished the image of India as a democracy. All the modes of Indian state terrorism abysmally failed in bludgeoning and coercing Kashmiris into submission and subservience. Indian governance (read stratocracy) in Kashmir is synonymous with opprobrium and defamation. Indian imperialists should have a reappraisal of their obtrusive overbearing demeanour. They should condescend to concede to Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. Their objectivity and pragmatism will certainly scour off the slur and stigma of betrayal, perfidy and dissemblance. It is your rationalism and altruistic facifist approach to Kashmir issue which will save you from awkward entanglement and entrenchment in mire and marsh of Kashmir imbroglio and conundrum. 

Indian rulers and their armed personnel wreaked havoc in Kashmir without a modicum of rue, remorse, compunction and angst. Indian army vandalized beautiful hamlets and towns; innocent Kashmiris were brutalized, mortified and petrified. However, Kashmiris – drawn, shattered, battered and distraught due to the ruthless onslaught of India – showed exemplary resilience while facing the fury of ferocious forces. Yes, resilient resistance is the proud martial motto of self-respecting Kashmiris. In Kashmir vortex Kashmiris graduated themselves in the art of resistance. Every Indian soldier in Kashmir is replicating the role of haughty Gen. Dyer with impunity and immunity. Indian soldiers perpetrated the sacrilegious acts here to terrorize the people. Kashmiris faced all trials and tribulations with guts and grit, fortitude and patriotic resolve. Indian rulers continue to intimidate and browbeat Kashmiris through jingoistic jargon and dictatorial outpourings. Kashmiri freedom zealots do not swerve, veer, sheer or vacillate in the path of resistance. They are determined to sustain the resistance movement with indomitable and invincible will and valour. You cannot hamstring their patriotic commitment, initiative and ideological impregnability which will inevitably guarantee their convincing victory.

Kashmiris want to apprise the free world of traumatizing tales and jeremiad of heart-rending tragic episodes. The free world is almost oblivious of the ineffable horrendous episodes of human rights abuse and violations. Yes, we are on the receiving end here. Apathy and indifference of the world luminaries adds to our disillusionment and disenchantment. Well, monotheistic Sufi disposition of ours acts as a bulwark against the daunting situation created by the authors of state terrorism. We identify ourselves with our six lakh martyrs including the iconic martyred leaders Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq, Kh. A. G. Lone, Dr. G. Q. Wani, Dr. Qazi Nisaar, S. Hameed, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, Advocate Jaleel Andrabi, Moulana Shoukat Shah, Maqbool Illahi, Afzal Guru, Maqbool Butt, Shamsul Haq, Advocate Hissam-ud-deen, Maqbool Malik, Adv. Ab. Qadir Salani, Journalist M. Shaban Vakeel, Saleem Meer, Altaf Qureshi and Gen. Ashfaq Majeed Wani.

Kashmir issue cannot be pigeon-holed. You cannot leave this nuclear flashpoint in limbo. It has added to the vulnerability of South Asia. Situation of unpredictability has created an ambience of debilitating uncertainty. It is high time to address Kashmir issue to guarantee peace and tranquillity in South Asia. Sporadic acts of brawn-assertion of ultras here should be construed as explicit ultimatum. Do not overestimate your capability of deterrence. In the asymmetrical warfare a small group of ultras ensures with requisite dexterity that you feel on tenterhooks. So in the war of attrition it is the resistance resolve of the ultras which will eventually and inevitably make you condescend to seek a peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue through tripartite discourse and discussion. Resilience and buoyancy of this resolve is fathomable; so do not complacently underestimate this indigenously developed indispensable and quintessential aspect of localized ultraism here.

Muslim Ummah has lost its monotheistic moorings. Now it is an apology for “Kheri Ummat”. Group particularism and sectarianism is the hallmark of this Ummah. Whither Islamic monotheistic puritanism? Then, should we accept internal fission, scission and schism as fait accompli and compulsive adventitious reality? Muslim Ummah should, at this critical juncture, have dispassionate and sedate appraisal of the prevalent situation of internal sectarian polarization and external intervention of inimical anti-Islamic forces. Remember that sectarianism is a perceptible and perceivable form of polytheism (“Shirk”) which is inviting wrath of Allah. The whole Ummah is writhing in the gory gyre of turbulence. Many Muslim countries have been converted into grouse moor by the powers which matter. The situation is really alarming. So the Muslim luminaries should make amends for lapses.

Holy Qur’an unequivocally stipulates for “akhoowat” (Islamic brotherhood) as indispensable proviso and postulate to blend and cobble the hearts together to make the whole Muslim Ummah look like a fortress of ideological impregnability and invincibility. So it is time to facilitate a nonconformist and eclectic intellectual discourse on ideological reorientation and transformation of the Muslim confraternity. That is how we can retrieve and redeem the Ummah from the quagmire of ideological degeneration and monolithic stagnation. This is how we can remedy the predicament of anarchy and chaos. This is what you should accept as panacean talisman. Thus Muslim Ummah can – through a process of discursive discourse, symbiosis of divergent ideas, communion of sentiments, colligation and montage – produce and develop a system of ideological harmony and homogeneity. And that is how you can de-sectarianize the Ummah and ensure its metaphysical emancipation and political leverage in the arena of global politics. Pray for an ardent yearning for prominence as highly indoctrinated Ummah with multi-faceted aspects of metaphysical and temporal radiance.

Freedom zealots of Kashmir and Palestine believe that Qur’anic injunctions in “Aayaat-e-Mukhamat” are more important than the books which breed contempt, bigotry and bias – the perversive attributes that facilitate sectarian polarization and political balkanization within the precincts of Ummah. This is the modest synoptic precative critique which is aimed at creating desirable compatibility between the Qur’an concept of caliphate and the democracy that is in vogue in Muslim countries. 

Muhammad Azam Inqilabi is patron of JK Mahaz-e-Azadi
Nageen, Hazratbal, Srinagar. 
Email: mahazmediacell@gmail.com