Govt forces detained our son before killing him: Family

It was around 12 in the night when the government forces knocked at the gate of Rayees Habibullah Hanga’s house at Syed Ali Akbar area of Fateh Kadal in Srinagar.

The family said when they could not open the gate, the government forces trespassed and barged into their house.
“I and my younger daughter were sleeping. The forces frightened and abused us. They were looking for militants but we told them that no militant is present in our house,” said Rayees’s aged-mother Shakeela.
Shakeela said she went to her ailing husband Habibullah Hanga and woke him up and informed him that the government forces were in the courtyard of their house.

She said the government forces then went upstairs and brought out her two sons, Rayees Habibullah and Mudasir Habibullah.
In the meantime, Shakeela said her husband collapsed and Mudasir and her brother took him to the hospital.
“The government forces asked Rayees to show militants to them who told the forces that they can see that there was no militant in their house,” she said. “Then they took him to room to room searches of the house but found nothing. They came downstairs but again took Rayees with them upstairs after which we heard him screaming, ‘Sir what did I do? Why you are beating me?’

She said Rayees was ruthlessly beaten before the government forces bundled him into a vehicle and that she didn’t see her son’s face again.
“I begged before the government forces to release my son but they told me that he will be released soon,” she said.
Shakeela said they didn’t hear any gunfire when the government forces searched their house and the firing started in the morning.
She said the family was made to sit in the kitchen and they were evacuated when their house caught fire.
“We don’t know whether militants were there in the house or not. My son was probably beaten to death by the government forces,” Shaleela said amid sobs.
According to Police, Rayees, 30, was the working with the militants and was killed along with two militants in a gunfight at Fateh Kadal area of Srinagar on Wednesday.
“The complicity of Rayees, who was part of the group, in providing shelter and logistics to the militants is being investigated,” a Police spokesman said.
Two militants Mehrajuddin Bangroo and Faid Mushtaq Waza and a policeman were killed in the gunfight, Police said.
The family contradicted the Police claim that Rayees was an accomplice of militants.
“This is all a lie that he was an OGW. We know he was doing his business and needed nothing as his father is a retired Kashmir University employee, getting a handsome pension,” they said.
Rayees, a baker by profession and had pursued M.A. and B.Ed. degrees.
He was married and is survived by parents, wife and a daughter besides a sister and a younger brother.