Ground situation of Kashmir alarms World

Srinagar: Azam Inqilabi, patron JK Mahaz-e-Azadi, while paying tribute and homage to the resistance doyen Sofi Muhammad Akbar on the occasion of his 27th death anniversary, has said in his statement,

“The resistance stalwart Sofi Akbar commands respect for his historic exemplary role in 1975 when the defeatist leaders of Plebiscite Front like Sheikh Abdullah and Mirza Afzal Beigh literally capitulated through Indira-Abdullah accord and embarked on the traitorous act of dissolution of Plebiscite Front. The defeatist leader Sheikh Abdullah felt elated when he was installed as Chief Minister of Kashmir by Delhi darbar.

This tragic episode generated disillusionment, despondency and dejection among the Kashmiris especially the youth. In such a challenging situation the conscientious and committed senior resistance leader Sofi Muhammad Akbar resolved to rise in revolt against the capitulatory act of Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues. So Sofi Akbar became vocal and vehement in his subjective pro-freedom assertion. He rejected Indira-Abdullah accord with contempt and denounced and despised the leaders of Plebiscite Front for their betrayal when they dissolved the front and revived National Conference.

Thus Sofi Akbar distanced himself from the NC leaders and got confined to his dilapidated cottage at Sopore. He remained busy in meditation and introspection. Guerrilla supremo Maqbool Butt and his proud colleagues were arrested in 1976 and lodged in interrogation centres. Revolutionary youth of Kashmir felt worried about the future of resistance movement. Sofi Akbar came to their rescue. The prudent and prescient resistance veteran Sofi Akbar launched pro-freedom organization, Mahaz-e-Azadi, on May 7, 1977. Thus he became the cynosure for the revolutionaries of Kashmir. Sofi sahib asked Kashmiris to struggle for the accomplishment of the objective of Azadi with added resolve, determination and fervour.

Intransigence, obduracy and obstinacy of Indian imperialists did not allow them to see reason in Kashmir case. The haughty and intoxicated rulers of Delhi suppressed the peaceful resistance movement of Kashmir through all dictatorial coercive modes of dispensation. The totalitarian and egocentric Delhi chauvinists and fascists used repressive methods to stifle, smother and gag the dissent in Kashmir. The completely strangulated and mortified Kashmiris opted for insurgency under the command of the guerrilla icon Maqbool Butt in 1966. 

The 48-year old insurgency and insurrection in Kashmir consumed about 150,000 votaries and zealots of freedom. It is equally true that India too lost its thirty or forty thousand soldiers in Kashmir. Still the self centred and myopic leaders of Delhi Darbar harp on the “atoot-ang” mantra and monomania thereby rendering the situation in Kashmir more worsened and deteriorated. Their polemics, recrimination, prevarication and procrastination is, in fact, the hallmark of their statecraft. Human rights abuse and violation in Kashmir is a permanent feature here. We lost about six-lakh patriots during the past 67 years. 

Indian armed personnel indulge in the heinous and pernicious acts of killing, arson and loot. The situation in Kashmir is horrific and explosive. The brew and stew of hatred can anytime trigger off volcanic eruption of the pent-up feelings. Latest fidayeen attack at Uri testifies and corroborates our contention. 

Pakistan, in the backdrop of the ground reality of Kashmir alluded to in the foregoing lines, should be prompt in asserting as a nuclear power and party to Kashmir issue in co-opting the powers like China, USA and even Russia for a substantive objective discourse on Kashmir situation. The ultras of Kashmir who are wedded to the cause of freedom superciliously reject the outpourings of the global demagogues who look askance at and cast aspersions on Kashmiri Mujahedeen when they adopt a violent course of action in Kashmir to thwart and counterpoise the state-terrorism of India here. Pakistan should explain to the world leaders how India because of its overbearing and domineering attitude, is vitiating the atmosphere of peace in South Asia.

The freedom zealots of Kashmir would want to bypass and dodge the rulers of Pakistan who are always busy in taming Kashmiri ultras for a subservient role just to appease India. The ultras of Pakistan and Afghanistan will feel automatically motivated to join the fray in Kashmir after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. That is how they would like to express solidarity with the freedom fighters of Kashmir. It is, therefore, high time for Pakistan to be extraordinarily proactive on the diplomatic front to woo the global peace champions for a viable and objective policy vis-à-vis the fluid political situation in South Asia.

Pakistan, as exponent of right to self-determination movement of valiant Kashmiris, should emphasize, with promptitude, the early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. Dereliction in the matter will be tantamount to inadvertent approval of the emerging whirlpool-like upheaval and uprising in Kashmir on the militant front. 

The prognosis may appear unwholesome. However, the ground situation of Kashmir is in itself an alarm inviting the world community to address the Kashmir imbroglio with humanistic and futuristic political acumen. Remember that time and tide wait for none. Let wisdom prevail on the parties to Kashmir issue. God Almighty will certainly facilitate the deliverance of beleaguered and battered Kashmiris.”


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