“Haider” in Kashmir Students forces crew to pack up without shooting in KU


                Indians have assembled all occupying devices in its colonial armory. Every peaceful protest that challenges the occupation and demands the fulfillment of plebiscite pledge is crushed brutally by its forces. This bludgeoning of Azadi-loving people of Kashmir into submission (though in body but never in mind and soul) is followed by jaguernath of sorts: “Peace process”, “Round-Table Conferences”, “electoral exercises” and ‘healing touch’ like measures and autonomy fantasies. Notsatisfied with fastening people in its occupational groove, the strategists in Delhi unleash its media hounds  and Bollywood brigade to strengthen the discourse set through military jackboots. This cock-tail of venality and deceit, apart from this avowed aim, is meant to demoralize the people and malign the resistance movement. So villains in the propaganda that oppressor is presented as messiah and oppressed the tormentor.

                But despite all these dubious skills, the aggressor cannot succeed in snuffing the sentiment out of the memory strands of people. Of course it can put a handful of political lackeys on a drunken stupor in lieu of political power, but resolute overwhelming majority, in particular the articulate young generation remains in defying mood. Every outlet Kashmiris find to vomit their anger through they use it to blow up the veil of deception. The angry protest of the students in Kashmir University on November, 25 , 2013 against the shooting of the film Hiader in the university campus explains this all.

                It was Sunday and the film management in complicity of authorities in University had, with cat’s paw introspection, selected the day for shooting Indian tri-color in the Campus. The message was all threatening in implication that the educated youth, and the future of Kashmir, have reconciled with their fate and accepted the status quo.

                They don’t know that every symbol of integration with India here evokes strong and muted (depending on situation)response, bordering on massive protests or severe commentagainst India on social networking sites. The students in hundreds stagedprotest sensing the shot of hoisting tri-color is meant rubbing salt on their lacerated wounds. They asked why Indian film industry is twisting the facts and spreading canard through its films like Lamhaa, LoC,  mission  kashmir etc and at the same time blinding on the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Indian army and other agencies? Why unmarked mass graves, enforced disappearances, Kunan-poshpora like mass rapes, 2008-2010 peaceful uprising are not becoming the staple of Bollywood? The students in exposing the double-standard of University authorities complained that while they banned screening of documentaries (not censed by the sensor board) like Ocean of Tears, depicting pain and trauma of people in Kashmir. They collude with Indians in consolidating their narrative. The present VC of KU has, on one hand,turned the highest seat of learning into a hub of political activities for Congress and on the other, Students Union is not allowed to function.  Last year Congress Genral secretary “Shazada” Rahul Ghandi started recruiting students (a handful) from the university disregarding the ban imposed.

                Despite the authorities pressurizing the students to stand up while Indian national anthem is played, the courageous and the Azadi loving students have, time and again , preferred to remain glued with their chairs ,signaling they can’t be a part of a state which has deprived them from right of self-determination it promised.

                Forcing the crew to pack up without shooting the ‘good shot’ (film director Vishal Bardwaj) , the message was ably driven to the Indians particularly the Bollywood that Kashmiris have radars open to any trespassing. Any infringement of sentiments is not acceptable.

                After the humiliation at the campus, Bardwaj has said that just a particular scene in KU campus is not enough to judge the fairness of the movie ‘Hiader’ which he claims ‘depicts real pain of Kashmiris’. He has promised to hold premier of “Haider” at KU auditorium in presence of students to judge it themselves. He admitted that earlier film directors did not do justice with Kashmiris: let us see how he does different this time