Hartal nationalism This won”t solve any problem for us

They have no solution handy, they are talking about Human rights violation, and in absence of human right violation or the cases of skirmishes and scrimmage, the conflict of Kashmir will evaporate into thin air as happened with the braid chopping cases, with the Darbar move, the braid chopping fear moved too and disappeared completely from the land of Kashmir.

The last week Hurriyat conglomerate called for a Kashmir wide strike against the atrocities committed by India’s army on Kashmir civilians. Almost every day, there is a funeral and a Kashmiri is lowered to a grave. This one thing that is upsetting all of us.

The system intends to eliminate gun culture from the state but the way they have started initiating the process of elimination through mission all-out is unrealistic. The state wants people to join the mainstream and the other stream wants them to join the cause and stay determined to take the cause of Kashmir nationalism to the logical conclusion.

There is no methodology applied to this logic to secede Kashmir from the clutches of India. I was recently talking to one of the Kashmiri-American here in New York City, he said to me that there are three parts of Kashmir under the occupation of three nuclear power nations. One part is with Pakistan, another with China and this part, Kashmir is with India.

When we have already the acuity knowledge of the problem, we know the solution then why there is this Hartal nationalism that is considered will pave a way to secede Kashmir from the clutches of India. Why don’t we talk Pakistan occupied Kashmir and China occupied Kashmir? Why are we so adamant to free India occupied Kashmir when there are two more parts of it occupied by the two more powerful nations?

Seriously, there are a couple of things going on here secretly. First of all, I want to address the fact that Kashmir is a political problem, not a religious problem. There is a freedom to spread Islam, there is a freedom to talk on the pulpit and sermonize the public on every Friday prayer. There is, however, a restriction on a grand mosque on Fridays that is due to public fear and to avoid law and order problem. Hurriyat cannot sell that argument, nonetheless, Geelani is not allowed to offer Friday prayer from the last couple of years because he is using inflammatory speeches of Jihad, which are unacceptable under the present geopolitical scenario. The world has changed from the last few decades, the dependence of state on the center was less then, than what is today?

We have declined agricultural growth in Kashmir, we are not cultivating much to fetch a good market in the states of India. We have apples, and other products that are no matter fetching us money, but the nature of the state is more based on consumerism than a producing. We are not producing goods, we have a decline in the market rate for six winter months. There are survival crises in Kashmir. Nobody talks on the governance issues, everyone is talking about the government and its statecraft to meddle in the process of seceding the Kashmiris from the clutch of India.

The other issue is condescension. The Indian media, telling us a different story and trying to malign the name of Kashmir. What are these Kashmiris based panelist doing on national media? They get paid an honorarium to appear on national televisions as a subject matter on Kashmir, and whatever they talk is already available on social media networking sites. They have not reached the conclusion of the problem. They are repeating the same old story of 1947, and 1975, they have not come out from that obsession. Sheikh Abdullah is the contemporary Marx the way he is cited and quoted on these television sets each night at prime time.

Whatever is happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in the other parts of South Asia is known to us all, but Mr Geelani sees it in a different way, he might feel that Pakistan will provide a genuine moral support to Kashmir through arms support or train the local insurgents to wage war against India but these details are is misleading and harmful to the public health.

This is the place of untold stories, how about the Kashmiri Pandits, will it be possible to free a land where a community is missing or living in as an internally displaced community by taking a unilateral decision on their behalf? Maybe they have a different thought on Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah’s rise was no small thing, and he gained the trust of all communities and then took a decision which was acceptable to all. Read his Naya Kashmir document, everything is jotted down in that document that is the vision document for Kashmir. Does any leader provide any such documents to envision Kashmir’s future?

Hartal nationalism and blood will not secede us. There are three nuclear power nations, if you want to compete Mr Geelani to these nations, you have to build Kashmir technologically sound and academically strong. There will be a time when robots will replace army? How will you cater that situation? When local Kashmiris will be fighting a robot in opposite with no emotions but working on a button to destroy humans on earth especially in Kashmir as a tool of counterinsurgency? Will Hartal nationalism works that time? The time of fighting a war with hands is primitive, the time is to fight a war with mind.

Do you have a vision or you will be with this Hartal Nationalism? The choice is yours and I have a firm request to please save this Kashmir or poison us all at one time so that we will not see any of our boys dying or getting consumed to this dirty war. Our eyes are parched and there are no tears anymore, otherwise tell me the place where there is no discrimination?