Have Kashmiris really missed the last bus?

(A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 233)


You may call it the fate of Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmiris have managed to confuse the world on the issue of freedom. Freedom generally means sovereignty for pursuing an independent nation. While some Kashmiris seek sovereignty, the so-called separatists want Indian Jammu Kashmir to be added to a badly shaken and established Pakistan. In fact, over 1, 20,000 Kashmiri Muslims lost their valuable lives in their mindless fight with formidable Indian forces, now occupying Kashmir valley where even secret grave yards have been found, in order to appease Islamabad.

Kashmiri separatists have been harboring for an impossible but highly imaginative unification of Kashmir with Pakistan to make a destabilized Islamabad feel happy that it got a Kashmir in lieu of Muslim dominated parts of India to complete the division of Indian subcontinent that had taken place in 1947. Pakistan has been unhappy that it did not get enough lands from the division of India and sought India occupied Kashmir as compensation which had never been a part of India before partition. 

Making Jammu Kashmir a part of Pakistan is a utopian concept both Islamabad and Kashmir separatists harbor knowing fully well this can never be materialized unless big veto powers led by super power USA want that way. But with US president and an innocent looking Obama running to New Delhi, skipping Pakistan, to witness the military parade of India on Indian republic day falling on January 26, there is no chance that Kashmir would ever be a part of Pakistan.

However, the separatists by fighting for Kashmir exclusively for themselves without being elected representatives of Kashmiris have no legitimacy, democratically speaking, but only can harm the genuine interests of weakened Kashmiri Muslims as Indian military is blood thirsty and can kill as many Kashmiri Muslims as they require for sumptuous feasts (bada khaana).

When we talk about utopia we mean impossibility. This impossibility cannot be overcome by mere gimmicks. Whether or not Jammu Kashmir becomes independent and free from foreign occupation, it is certainly a utopian concept thinking of making Jammu Kashmir, which is now an ”integral” part of India, an ”integral” part of Pakistan.

Reasons include many issues. India is not going to let Pakistan to have that privilege of taking away Jammu Kashmir. Not even one big power with veto status supports Pakistan to enjoy that privilege. India got nukes in order to protect Jammu Kashmir from Pakistan and China. When Pakistan illegally gifted or sold a part of Azad Kashmir to China for return favors, India accelerated it s military prowess in Kashmir by adding more terror gods bought from all regional arms markets.

Obviously, New Delhi has been doing all this vigorously while encouraging Indian investment in western countries as well as their allies like New Zealand and Australia in order not have to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan or Kashmiris themselves. Indian move to buy the Zionist terror goods is essentially meant for Kashmir. As Kashmiri separatists fight for Pakistan’s right to own Kashmir, India has steadily got the western support.

That India has invited Obama as chief guest for Republic day and Obama accepted the invitation and visited India to get investments for USA with Pakistan making no objections to it means it is clear that India has the clear upper hand and is not going to lose Kashmir. 

None of the western nations or their allies opposes Indian occupation of Jammu Kashmir because India says a few insurgents create problems for New Delhi while maximum Kashmiris in JK are with India. India uses polls conducted in JK as a justification to occupy that nation, partly or wholly. 

Recently, the detained Ameer of Muslim Deeni Mahaz Dr Muhammad Qasim has urged the pro freedom parties to get united under the command of Syed Ali Shah Geelani to work for freedom and forget about making Kashmir part of a destabilized Pakistan that willingly kills Muslims to get shameful service charges from USA. Pakistan that kills its own people to appease American military bosses can easily kill the pathetic looking and hapless Kashmiri Muslims as well and get more military aid from USA.

Dr Muhammad Qasim says if entire pro freedom leadership of Jammu and Kashmir does not unite under the leadership of Syed Ali Geelani on the basic and clear principle of freedom from India and regain sovereignty for an Islamic Kashmir nation, time is not far away that they will be rendered helpless in front of the fresh offensive of Indian military under governor’s rule.

The freedom movement in Kashmir is not any nationalistic revolution, in fact its foundation is laid on Islamic Monotheism and it is a religious obligation on the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir to keep this Islamic Movement going on. Historically, long before 1947, this struggle for freedom had become a religious obligation on Muslims in 1819 when Sikhs occupied Kashmir and Kashmir turned into Dar-ul-Harb from Dar-ul-Islam. When an Islamic land is occupied by non Muslims, they install their own system of governance against Islamic faith and as the covenant of safety for Muslims living in the land is withdrawn the resisting against that oppressor becomes an Islamic obligation over the Muslims.

Off and on unity talks do take place in Sri Nagar but since they have hidden interests beyond the interests of Kashmiri Muslims, a firm resolve for unity is still elusive. Indian forces continue to kill Kashmiri Muslims of Kashmir valley or Azad Kashmir on fictitious premises.

It looks the Kashmir freedom fighter groups – there are so many without unity – have missed the one last bus in December 2014 when India held polls in Jammu Kashmir and they had the opportunity to prove their worth in Kashmir by winning seats in JK assembly. 

By deliberately ignoring the poll of Jammu and Kashmir poll, the so-called Kashmiri separatists willingly lost the opportunity given by Indian government to play active role as the legitimate representatives of Kashmiri Muslims.

Since there is no division between religion and politics in Islam therefore it is a duty of the various religious organizations under Islam in JK to play an active role in resistance against Indian state brutalities. Time is ripe that these organizations, in addition of guiding Muslims in individual and day to day affairs, take up the role of guiding Muslims in political matters as well.

Mutual trust is the way for unity. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq should get rid of people who have lost hopes and become vestigial for the movement from his faction of APHC and similarly Syed Ali Shah Geelani to develop an accommodative approach. Peaceful struggle though democratic means is the right way.

Cats drink stolen milk by closing their eyes as if world does not see what they are doing. Kashmiri Muslims should locate those problematic cats and deal with them. Unless Kashmiri Muslims change their way of thinking, they would continue to lose lives in Kashmir.

It is unwise, and rather impossible, today in this globalizing world to undertake struggles for sovereignty in isolation and Kashmiri leaders will have to collaborate with similar freedom fighting movements world over. Kashmiris have a lot of gain by coordinating their movement activities with Palestinians. Palestinians have a lot to share with similar movements globally. Kashmiris should wait for the resolution of Palestine issue for which they must pray every Friday in mosques and elsewhere so that peace first comes to Mideast and then to South Asia. 

One cannot think of bypassing that. They must consider their struggle as a part of global struggle for peace. 

Of course, it is now up to the Kashmiris, the freedom fighters, to decide if they have indeed lost their last bus. 

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