Artists when used to serve self-benefiting motives generate revulsion and abhorrence in place of adoration and admiration
It is a well-known fact that there are no boundaries for artists. They have the power, by virtue of their unique talent, to bring peace and harmony into the hearts of people. They even work as messengers of reconciliation between the disputing countries and could also serve a basis on which healthy relationships could bloom between those who intend to put an end to the melancholy and distress they are experiencing. On the reverse side when these artists are used to serve the self-benefiting motive of the state without caring for the interests of its people, for whom it is, they generate alien response. Response which we have seen in case of Zuben Mehta’s concert “Ehsaas-e-Kashmir”. 

Ehsaas-e-Kashmir, the feel of Kashmir, was in no way worth its name. Showing the scenic beauty of Kashmir to some dignitaries and influential people and entertaining them with music could in no way highlight the pain and agonies of people that they have been facing for last two decades. What sort of “Ehsaas” did the state wanted them to have by putting restrictions on common masses so that they don’t enter the premises and put forth their grief and sorrow they are entangled in. This feel is heartless and incomplete for it neither had the support of people nor it highlighted the state of affairs they often find themselves in. 

Each time when some foreign delegates visit our valley, we get to see some untoward incidents. Incidents which destroy the gains that have been made and bring back the valley to scratch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these delegates bring ill-omen with them for the people of valley which they have to bear even after their departure. On one side the concert was happening and on the other side the bloodshed that left four civilians dead took place. Having contradictory explanations about the deceased, the real cause behind shooting them is yet to ascertain. Till the time the truth comes to front, whether they were the actual attackers or not, it would be of no avail to remorse on their deaths and any sort of compensation would not be sufficient to cover the loss that has been made to their families. As a result the common man has to suffer, for he is at the receiving end and is at the mercy of law enforcing agencies. 

What was the need to have such a concert which in no way highlighted the plight of the people while brought inconvenience and trouble for them? Shops and business establishments were closed in the adjacent areas which added to their losses for no fault of theirs. If the government is worrisome about the safety of its guests and has to clamp restrictions on its own people to safeguard them, then what good can be expected from such system towards its own people? Neither it enjoys the favor of its own people nor is it doing any such activity that could win their hearts and create a place for it in their minds. How unfortunate!!! Instead by encouraging such concerts, it seems as it is rubbing salt on the wounds of the people. This concert has given rise to an ugly political fight where the respective political parties are criticizing each other for their faulty practices. What still remains unchanged is the approach of the state towards its people, which continues to be as it was and the possibility of its change seems to be bleak.

What remains a point to ponder on is what the state has gained by this concert? Showing the international community that Kashmir is an exotic destination for holidays and has got splendid scenic beauty would do no good for its own people. 

Instead the bloodshed that took place on that day gave rise to more hatred, revulsion and disgust against the state which in no way is a good sign for the coming future. The money spent on making this concert successful could have been used for various developmental activities which could have created positive vibes towards the government. It is quite astonishing that inspite of showing strong resentment against the said concert “Ehsaas-e-Kashmir” the state went on with its intended motive to make that event successful without even giving a damn to the emotions of people. This strongly gives an indication as to what matters most for the state, its people or its will. The state needs to show respect to the intentions of its people and work in the way of their upliftment. This is the only way to move forward and achieve the goal of a peaceful and prosperous state of whose attributes would be glory and brilliance in all spheres.

Author is B.Tech-MBA (ECE) from Lovely Professional University, Punjab (India). Email: Syedmajidr59@gmail.com