Hit stone-pelters with bullets: BJP MP

The BJP Rajya Sabha member D P Vats has said that stone-pelters in Kashmir Valley should be hit with bullets.
” I am of the opinion that stone-pelters should be hit with bullet,” Vats said when asked about the Jammu and Kashmir government’s decision to withdraw cases against people involved in stone-pelting incidents.
“Pakistan has not learnt a lesson despite tasting defeat many times in direct wars with India and is now engaged in proxy war,” the retired lieutenant general told reporters on the sidelines of a function in Bhiwani yesterday.
When asked whether he stood by his comment, Vats said, “I am an Army officer, the Army has been fighting a proxy war waged by Pakistan for a long time. What does my soldier fighting this proxy war on ground in Kashmir expect of me? As an Army officer, I stand by what I have said.”
He also said that each day bodies of soldiers killed in Kashmir are sent to their native places.
“What should soldiers expect of their officers. We cannot let down their morale. They cannot be attacked and pelted with stones,” he said.
Meanwhile, controversial Telangana BJP MLA T Raja Singh Lodh said today that only those “begging for vote” host Iftar parties.
Known for making contentious statements, the MLA from Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad posted a video message on a social networking site where he said one of his friends suggested him to hold an Iftar party like many other lawmakers do during the holy month of Ramadan.
“These days many Telangana legislators are busy hosting Iftar parties, wearing skull caps and taking selfies. They think if they have to do vote bank politics, they will have to think of ‘sabka saath, sabha vikas’ (together will all, development for all).
“This is their thinking. Those who sit with them (those attending Iftar) are ‘vote ke bhikhari’ (beggars for vote). My thinking is different,” he said.
Singh said his religion Hinduism taught giving respect to everyone.
“But some religions and their religious books preach to kill Hindus as they are ‘Kafir’ (a term literally meaning non-believers but often construed as insulting to followers of other religions). How can I attend an Iftar or host one for those who talk of killing Hindus?” he said.

‘Only those ‘begging for vote’ host Iftar parties’