Hold dialogue before storm breaks the lull: Vakil tells Centre

Jammu: Calling upon the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to own the recently released report of the team of concerned citizens of India headed by former foreign minister Yashwant Sinha, Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil today in a statement said Joint Separatist leadership has granted a golden opportunity to Narendra Modi government by talking to Yashwant Siha led team and relaxing the weekly protest calendars and it is now for the Modi Government to cease the opportunity by starting direct talks with the joint separatist leadership and other stake holders in Jammu and Kashmir. Vakil warned that any attempt to delay in the initiation of dialogue with the joint separatist leadership and other stake holders would proved disastrous for the stability of peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr. Vakil said that it is unfortunate that Centre and State Governments are not serious in resolving. He said it is unfortunate that whenever the peace is restored in the Valley, the Central Government understands that situation has become normal for all the times but it is not like that centre should understand if they take it like that, they are mistaken. It will be in the interest of the State and the Central Government to immediately take steps seriously for initiating dialogue with all the stake holders without any delay, he added.

Reiterating the urgency of initiating unconditional dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir, Vakil called for engaging all sections of the society in a credible and meaningful political process for the resolution of Kashmir issue. “The country’s political leadership must without any further delay, reach out and engage all sections including the Hurriyat Conference leaders in a productive process to the issue and make peace a reality in Jammu and Kashmir,”. He reminded the Prime Minister of India of his promise which he made time and again that from the basis of three principles which are Jhamuriyat, Kashmiriyat and Insaaniyat Kashmir issue will be resolved but it is unfortunate that till now nothing like that has been witnessed. He stressed upon the PM to keep his promise in order to make the State peaceful.