Hurriyat a pro-resolution party: Mirwaiz ‘Dialogue, deliberations best means for addressing K-issue’

A meeting of Hurriyat Conference (M) leaders chaired by conglomerate’s chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was held at its headquarters in Rajbagh today. “The participants condemned the government decision of imposing restrictions on the movement of civilian traffic including tourist vehicles on Jammu-Srinagar highway and suspension of train services during Amarnath Yatra,” a Hurriyat (M) spokesman said.
The yatris have always been welcomed by people of Kashmir, who have always facilitated its smooth conduct and lend support to it.
“However time and again Kashmiris are subject to harassment and inconvenience as the highway is shut for them on one pretext or other. If those in power claim that the situation has greatly improved, then why are such extreme and unprecedented measures being used that were never used during last three decades of conflict,” the spokesman said.

The Hurriyat leaders felt that such diktats besides cause great inconvenience to common people and impact the trade and tourism industry especially those dealing in perishable items like fresh fruit and vegetables.
“This anti-people diktat should be immediately withdrawn,” the spokesman said.
Commenting on Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in parliament that when J&K got divided between India and Pakistan Pandith Nehru took it to the UN and made promises before the world, Hurriyat leaders said, “As PM of India, Pt Nehru represented Government of India when he took it to the UN. So it is a political and humanitarian issue since, and people of Kashmir and Hurriyat as their representative are only demanding resolution of this issue peacefully for all times”.

“Locking up Kashmiris including Hurriyat members in jails and detention centers and propagating threats, intimidation and maligning campaigns against them will neither solve the issue nor finish it off,” they said.
The participants asserted that they would keep pursuing to seek peaceful resolution of the issue as per the democratic principle of respecting peoples sentiments and promises. “And the best means of addressing the problem, we believe is through engagement dialogue and deliberation, which we have always advocated and participated in.”
Mirwaiz and other participants in the meeting said Hurriyat as an amalgam came into existence as a vehicle of peoples sentiment seeking a peaceful resolution of the issue as per international principles of humanity and justice. “So we are a pro-resolution party asking for its fulfillment and ready to cooperate with every effort by all parties concerned to that end. We are not stooges of any party to the dispute, as is painted”.
Meanwhile, a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits led by Satish Mahaldar met Hurriyat leaders at Rajbagh office.
The meeting was very cordial and all Hurriyat members assured the delegation of their deep desire and that of the Muslims of the valley to see Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir.
“It was decided that the suggestions given by the delegation will in all sincerity and seriousness be discussed with a broad cross-section of society including civil society members, religious organizations, those Kashmiri Pandits already staying here and others in order to make it inclusive and broad-based,” Hurriyat (M) spokesman said.
He said the decision was taken to form a committee that would take the process forward to facilitate Kashmiri Pandits early return.