If Qureshi calls Mirwaiz, New Delhi ko gussa kyon aata hai!

Each of the three stakeholders has a right to have his own narrative, but what New Delhi has been lacking since 1947 is the consistency, commitment and a clear road map to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Pakistani foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi calling Mirvaiz Umer Farooq has annoyed New Delhi and the Govt. of India has conveyed its displeasure over the conversation between Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Mirvaiz to Govt. of Pakistan. Each of the three stakeholders has a right to have his own narrative, but what New Delhi has been lacking since 1947 is the consistency, commitment and a clear road map to resolve the Kashmir issue.

On one hand New Delhi is adamant to crush armed struggle through force but on the other hand its claims to find a political resolution to the dispute prove faraway from reality, as it has chocked political space; not only of pro-resistance parties but even that of so called mainstream parties. The reality is that New Delhi on the one hand cries being victim of radicalization and militancy, but on the other hand tries to prove every single voice, that talks about genuine aspirations of people of J&K, as Pakistan sponsored. Before showing displeasure over Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s briefing to Mirvaiz, New Delhi should realize that by doing so it is exposing its real intentions and lack of vision. If New Delhi doesn’t want to talk to militants, nor accepts any third party mediation, one has a reason to ask where is the resolution.

New Delhi has always tried to manage the crises rather finding a permanent solution. When needed it didn’t hesitate to knock Geelani’s door but once out of crises it went to the extent of giving free hand to security forces to blind even kids.

Every state is bound to abide by certain fundamental moralities, and to honor its every commitment. But unfortunately New Delhi is an exception. The current Modi regime should not forget that it was in Vajpayee’s regime that Huriyat met Pakistani president Gen. Musharaf in Agra. Huriyat is not an underground organization but had an office in Malvia Nagar, New Delhi. Does current BJP government mean that no one in New Delhi knew about Huriyat having office in New Delhi? Did not the same Mirvaiz met L.K. Advani, and also represented people of J&K on many occasion at various international forums with the consent of New Delhi? Did not pro-resistance leaders travel to Muzafarabad on bus via Uri? Did not Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister talk to Mohammad Yaseen Malik and didn’t representatives of govt. of India talk to active militant commanders. One should ask New Delhi that what changed from then to now, that all of a sudden New Delhi feels uncomfortable with Shah Mahmood Qureshi calling Mirwaiz. By making hue and cry New Delhi is strengthening those who often claim that India has nothing to offer and is just buying time to dilute the Kashmir issue.

New Delhi’s hue and cry will no doubt strengthen the radical and pro-militant lobby in Kashmir. However, Kashmiris have a right to ask the Govt. of Pakistan that why is there so much of desperation to talk to government of India especially when Islamabad knows that India has nothing to offer. Even if Pakistan is playing its cards just to expose New Delhi’s lack of sincerity before the world community, Pakistan needs to realize that its apologetic attitude towards New Delhi creates huge disappointment among Kashmiris. Kashmiris have not sacrificed just for the resumption of dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad. They want real peace and don’t deserve the treatment they are getting at the hands of political and military establishment of New Delhi. Pakistani state needs to introspect why has New Delhi been taking not only Pakistan, but the entire pro-resistance leadership for a ride. Kashmiris have a right to seek answers that if their sacrifices of thirty long years could not be converted even into a composite and meaningful dialogue, what is the roadmap ahead with the custodians of those sacrifices. It is for the leaders not masses to answer certain valuable questions.