In search of ‘legal sanctity’So let's wait what comes out as `masters' not `slaves' are visiting Pakistan


So Mirwaiz led hurayat is visiting Pakistan with puffed up chest and chin high up: ‘Not as slaves, but as owners’. And to seek ‘legal sanctity’ so that the impression of Kashmir being a bilateral issue ends. 

 These are the “lofty objectives”  and only ‘merchants of darkness’ are ‘afraid’ of this trip. In particular Geelani must be the most worried man for ‘he knows’ the Midas touch the ‘moderates’ are empowered with. To get everything people of Kashmir cherish and have sacrificed for.

 Join me in raising hands for the “success” of the tour and ‘bringing from Pakistan’ what the octogenarian ‘rigid’ leader “failed” to deliver from his  cage. It is with a new vigor the croaking of ‘breaking the ice’ gains momentum at the forefront are the ‘leaders’ who wake up after a deep long hibernation. When their names were written off from collective memories of the people and their parties were reduced into a letter-head space. 

 To surface up on head-line and grabbing attention by any means, is an art and unsung politicians best know it. It is a cure to their low political rating and show their presence and derive a momentary pleasure. This kind of organizational/forum masochism they believe will, apart from serving entertainment to people, make them regain their lost image.

 Pardon me for my low IQ in not having a grasp of the stated claims of the Hurriyat (M) behind the tour. Who denies Kashmir  as the principal party to the dispute? Who treats Kashmiris as ‘slaves’? Who disputes ‘owner’ status of Kashmiris? Who raises objection in ‘legal sanctity’ of our claim? Are they trying to convince the country on something which they already stand convinced on. 

 Wisdom and valor demanded you  swagger your party status to claim ‘ownership’ and ‘legal sanctity’ where it really mattered. Failing in that, rather not having that intent and sincerity, Hurriyat (M)  in the emerging scenario seems to play  the role of a ventriloquist who facilitated the travel.

  They are consuming their energies at a wrong place. But at the same time misleading the world community in selling out  the message of “being involved in negotiation process”. That positioning of Huryat (M) is terribly damaging ‘Kashmir cause’. Hundreds and thousands of such exercises , even martialed by the ‘extremist’ Geelani, are doomed to failure. Simply because Islamabad is not the place where the rub lies. It is somewhere else. They are rubbing the wrong way, although the albatross is around their neck.

 Then who are these ‘moderates’. ‘Representatives of Kashmiris sentiments’, as they are tottering out so proudly. Really? The fact of the matter is they lack public support and trust. Their own , Hurriyat faction is a divided house and are against the tour. They are sitting on the fault-line and their constituency has fast shrunk to a few pockets in Kashmir.

 For people of Kashmir Hurriyat (M)’s such somersaulting is not new. Their engagement in so-called ‘dialogue process’ with new Delhi and acting as Trojan horses for Musharaf’s 4-point formula have yielded them nothing except short-lived media glory and photo-session activism.

 They are asking their critics to suggest  ways to resolve the dispute when it is boldly written in the Hurriyat constitution they still pledge their allegiance to.

 ‘Language’, remarked aptly Ben Johnson ‘reveals a man’. The latest posturing of Hurriyat (M) has revealed the intent it is drifting in. late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah comes in mind.

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