India Army is a `radicalized army`: Kashmir delegation briefs media at Geneva

Members of the Kashmir delegation to United Nations Human Rights Council briefed international media here on Tuesday on the situation inside Indian-occupied Kashmir. The briefing came amid growing international pressure on India and a rise in Indian Army radicalization, Indian extremism, violence, and the longest communication blackout in the world, in Kashmir.

The delegation consists of Kashmiris from Azad (Free) Kashmir and from Indian-occupied Kashmir and is the face of Kashmir’s freedom and liberation movement in the UN system.

Mrs. Shamim Shawl, from APHC-Pakistan, and APHC leader Hasan Bana, both from Indian-occupied Kashmir, and Dr. Saira Chaudhry and Prof. Shagufta Ashraf, from Azad Kashmir, briefed the international media in detail in Geneva. Representatives from international human rights organizations, diplomats, students of diplomacy and international law, and activists attended the briefing.

Bana, who is not allowed to return to his home in Indian-occupied Kashmir, accused Indian Army of going “rogue” in Kashmir, in violation of Indian and international laws in conflict. He described the India Army as a “radicalized army,” pushing the theory that units of India’s military deployed in Kashmir have become ‘radical’ due to years of occupation and no checks on their powers.

Women speakers from the two sides of Kashmir explained the situation of women and children in the conflict zone, focusing on a disturbing Indian track record of rights violations in the disputed territory.