India follows Zionist wall step at Kashmir LOC

Armed with nukes arsenals and a large scale conventional terror goods with backing of veto rogues, India plays havoc in the lives of Kashmiris Muslims by brutally controlling them. 

Jammu Kashmir got fragmented into two in 1947 when India, after it got independence from Britain, invaded this sovereign nation, making the citizens the semi—salves of New Delhi and since then brutally occupies it.

The historic LOC military posts between India and Pakistan divide the Kashmiris between Pakistanis and Indians. Now, prompted by Zionist fascist regime’s wall inside Gaza Strip to separate Palestine from Israel even while Israel military keep attacking the besieged Palestinians, India also seriously thinking of similar apartheid wall at LOC to crush the Kashmiris.

The construction is part of a plan India is working on to construct 41-metre-long and 10-metre high concrete wall along the LoC and 197-kilometre-long wall along the working boundary in Sialkot sector.

The construction along the LoC is not only violation of international laws but also a direct attack on the United Nations that has declared the region a disputed territory.

Indian military can just squeeze the Kashmiri Muslims inside the terror wall.

Annoyed and angered by Indian move for wall inside Kashmir, Kashmiris in J Azad Kashmir, now under Pakistan control, have raised objection to the fanatic Indian scheme.

A protest rally was held in Azad Kashmir on Sunday the 13th December against the Indian plan of construction of a concrete wall along the Line of Control (LoC) and the working boundary in Sialkot sector.

The rally was jointly organized by the Kashmiri refugees of 1989 and the Pasban-e-Hurriyat- a local organization working in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) for the Kashmir cause. The protesters carrying banners and placards marched from the Central Press Club to Gharipan Chowk shouting anti-India slogans like “We want freedom” and “go India go”.

While addressing the rally, Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Uzair Ghazali said that India was following the footprints of Israel to divide Kashmiris permanently as the latter did with Palestinians.

Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference leader Mushtaqul Islam said that India has occupied the state of Jammu and Kashmir at gunpoint and now it is constructing another “Berlin wall” to divide the Kashmiris straddle the region.

This illegal construction is unacceptable for the Kashmiris living across the LoC. Islam urged Kashmiri and Pakistani leaders to protest against the illegal construction of the wall. Meanwhile, AJK Finance Minister Chaudhry Latif Akbar addressing at a press conference slammed the Indian move saying the AJK government after consultation with the federal government will raise the issue at international forums to put pressure on India to halt the construction.

It is shocking that the international community watches the Indian terror shows with sympathy instead of urgently step in to set the peace process right and let Kashmiris live peacefully without walls and Indian military.

President Obama’s policy of double standards on human right violations, in fact, does harm the Kashmiri Muslims under perpetual Indian military brutality.