India has lost Kashmir

India has lost Kashmir

Whether Kashmir gets freedom or not, India, for sure, is going to lose its ground completely in the valley

After achieving freedom from the colonial British rule in 1947, India declared itself a democratic country. A country where none shall be oppressed and all will be given equal chances to grow economically, socially and morally regardless of their language, colour, creed, and religion etc.

Accordingly a constitution was framed which gave these opportunities to its citizens and all were directly obliged to adhere to the constitution. Nevertheless, the citizens of India were given some basic and important rights, which aimed to uplift a common citizen and help him to come out of the major problems. These rights came to be known as Fundamental Rights. The seven fundamental rights recognised by the constitution are right to equality, right to freedom, right to freedom from exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, right to constitutional remedies and right to education.

And now, after 63 years of Independent India, we witness a new India, which it never was supposed to be. People of India never fought to see a day like this, when their own made government would have no respect for the sentiments, and feelings for the people which they claim to be their own very part. We now witness a so called ‘big democracy’ in a ‘big crisis’.

Kashmir- the so called ‘integral’ part of India has lost 100 thousand lives just to attain something which is very much democratic, constitutional, and just in nature. Fundamentally, people of Kashmir want peace. What does the Indian constitution say about those who want to live in peace, those who don’t want to see their kith and kin killed by the CRPF bullets?

But, as already mentioned, the present day India is not the India it was supposed to be. The government of India is afraid to address the vexed issue of Kashmir and solve the dispute in accordance to the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people.

On one hand the government of India claims Kashmir to be its integral part and on the other it is detaining the people of Kashmir of the fundamental rights which it should grant to Kashmiris if its claim is true. If Kashmir is really an integral part of India then why:

1.    More then 52 civilians were killed by the Paramilitary forces in last twos months unrest, more than 60 killed since June, 11, 2010 and more than 100 thousand people were killed in last two decades. To this the government both at centre and state replies that- ‘these civilians are not civilians at all, they carry stones in their hands and provoke the Paramilitary forces’. If this is the case then why- in Mumbai, Delhi etc water tanks are used to disperse the protestors (who carry the same stones) while here no other option is found but to open fire at the angry mobs. And it is even more ironical to see that out of the 31 patients with the bullet injuries, admitted in SKIMS on Aug 2, 2010, 15 have been shot above the legs with 14 on head. Protection of life and personal liberty is mentioned in the Article 21 of Indian constitution which the Indian government is itself defying in Kashmir.

2.    Local population is being harassed for peaceful protest; even those protesting over FACEBOOK are not spared. And FIR is being hammered on all of them. What has happened to the freedom of speech which is supposed to be the fundamental right of every citizen of India, are the commoners not even allowed to raise their voices over the unending blood bath?

3.     Kashmiris, specifically, when outside state are harassed in hotels, motels etc and are often wrongly convicted as terrorists etc. They are always looked upon with suspicion and doubt. Hence Kashmiris are even deprived of the first fundamental right which Indian constitution grants to its citizens, that is the right to equality.

4.    7 lakh troopers have been deployed and many of the battalions are stationed in populated areas. The total population of Kashmir is around 80 lakh which means the troops-civilian ratio is 1:10 which is highest in the entire world.  

These points are enough to prove that the claim of India that Kashmir is their ‘integral’ part if hollow in totality. How can it be an ‘integral’ part of India when the basic rights which are enjoyed by each and every Indian citizen are not granted to Kashmiris? In reality, the so called one of the biggest democracies of the world is at war with the people of Kashmir.

Moreover, the government of India seems to be least concerned in even addressing the issue of Kashmir in a proper way. They wait until the situation goes from bad to worse. There were seldom any serious talks before the August, 2008 protests in Kashmir which was originally triggered by Amarnath land issue. For the time being talks continued under the banner of ‘Quiet diplomacy’ which no one has ever explained and no one ever understood. Similarly, the seriousness and concern of India rose only after the killings in June, 11 this year.

India has lost Kashmir because of its own faults. The Indian government has never accepted their faults where they should have. Had Indian government been more sincere in approach, maybe, the situation would not have been worse as it is today. Had it employed democratic tools which it claims to abide by, may be the situation would not have been so disastrous.

At the top of it, New Delhi is using the wrong tactics to tackle the Kashmir issue. This is what it has become, more of a ‘tackling nature’ than ‘resolving’ one. Where Kashmiris are demanding revocation of the draconic laws like AFSPA and troop reduction and demilitarisation in public areas, state government supported by the centre is keen in pumping in even army, more units of CRPF and now Rapid Action Force (RAF) is all set to find its stake in the valley too. This clearly shows that Indian government is miscalculating the facts somewhere. They are not reaching out to the people of Kashmir and are not interested in knowing as to what the demands of the people are. This is where India as a democratic country has landed just after 63 year of its independence.

It should be noted that the spirit of azadi amongst the masses is very strong at the grass roots level. It will be an utter non-sense to term that it is being fostered by Pakistan, ISI or any separatist group.

All this depicts that the government of India is purely lacking the fundaments of Kashmir issue and in some way or other lack of seriousness in resolving the Kashmir issue can be widely seen now on their part.

At this point it is not only Kashmiri people who are undergoing turmoil but the India’s image as a big democracy in the world is at stake too. The way India is operating in Kashmir right now might make it the clone of Israel in the eyes of the Muslims and other humanely people of the whole world. And who knows this might even lead to the boycott of Indian products and services across the world. Boycotting upcoming Common Wealth Games scheduled at New Delhi is already the talk of the town now. Whether Kashmir gets freedom or not India is for sure going to lose its ground completely from the valley. And now the sincerity of India towards resolving Kashmir issue is at real test, if it is sincere then revoking AFSPA, demilitarisation from the public and market areas will be a first step forward. Let India weigh its ‘democratic’ image in the real scale.

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