‘India inciting communal riots to massacre Kashmiri Muslims’

Hurriyat leaders and organizations continued to condemn the blasphemous remarks of a Hindu priest, Satpal Sharma, against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League, Musaraat Aalam Butt in a statement from jail expressed shock over the sacrilegious remarks by a Hindu priest, Satpal Sharma, against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). A JKPML spokesman quoting Masarrat Aalam Butt said that the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir would send a strong message to the world through protests against the blasphemous act. He said the terrorist groups in the Modi government are hurting the sentiments of the Muslims under a premeditated plan to force the Muslims to react and give the Indian government a chance to spread negative propaganda against them. He said people affected by Hindutva mindset are always engaged in conspiracies against Muslims.

Hurriyat leader and Democratic Political Movement Chairman Khawaja Firdous in a statement issued in Srinagar said that no Muslim would tolerate the blasphemous remarks against their Prophet (PBUH). He said that protests by Kashmiri Muslims would continue till the cursed Hindu priest was given due punishment. He said that under a well-thought out plan India was hurting the feelings of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir and a conspiracy was being hatched to massacre the Kashmiri Muslims under the guise of communal riots.

Khawaja Firdous said that the fascist Modi government in India wanted to implement the RSS-backed Hindutva agenda in Jammu and Kashmir. The Hurriyat leader said that New Delhi was misleading the international community that India was the world’s largest democratic and secular country while the Modi government was hell-bent on transforming India into a Hindu state by implementing the RSS manifesto.

Senior Huryat leader Ghulam Muhammad Khan Sopori in a statement declared blasphemous remarks a test for whole civilized world especially for all Muslims. Khan Sopori said such spitting sky statements was a part of conspiracy to test Muslims and break the harmony.

Islamic Political Party Chairman Mohammad Yousuf Naqash in a statement while reacting to the derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that “Any act of dishonor is unacceptable for every Muslim of the world and to raise voice against this act is the matter of faith for every Muslim.” He said that the blasphemous remarks were not only an attack on the Islamic faith and Muslim identity. “We will never tolerate any derogatory language against our beloved Prophet, nor can we remain silent against any disrespect,” he warned.

Advocate Davinder Singh Behl, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum, in a statement issued in Jammu, while condemning the insulting remarks uttered by Satyal Sharma about the last prophet of Muslims also demanded stern punishment for him. He said that such insulting acts had exposed the democratic and secular face of India in the world.

Devinder Singh maintained that there had always been brotherhood in Kashmir and no one ever insulted any other religion or sect, so it seems that the Modi government is deliberately using BJP and SS goons to hurt religious sentiments in occupied Kashmir.

Narendra Modi first massacred Muslims in Gujarat, he said, and later demolished Babri Masjid and started construction of Ram Mandir on its site. Devinder Singh Behl said that the Sikh community assures its Muslim brothers that they are with them.

In a statement from Poonch, Chairman Panjal Peace Foundation Master Hanif Kallas and Vice President Ijaz Madani also strongly condemned the blasphemy act and demanded strong action against the blasphemer. They said that blasphemy would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Tehreek-e-Wahdat-e-Islami, a constituent of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference and Islami Tanzeem-e-Azadi in their statements said that the Hindu extremist government of Bharatiya Janata Party was conspiring to massacre Muslims under the guise of sectarian riots in Kashmir and asked the international community to take its notice. A Tehreek-e-Wahdat spokesman said that India had been converted into a complete Hindu state where minorities, especially Muslims, were being deprived of all their rights.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, has strongly condemned a fanatic BJP leader of Jammu/Udhampore, for his sacrilegious video remarks against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), aimed at fomenting communal violence to start killing of the Muslims in the turbulent region. He said the sacrilegious remarks delivered were preplanned and it was out of question to accept this policy of the ruling Hindutva party in the domain of free speech and again silence of the Face Book authorities giving license to fanatics for such blasphemy against the Prophet not taking action under the FB rules and regulations was more detrimental to the peace, progress and harmony in the society. He urged that the law must act unhindered to take its course and each and every element or Organization involved in this heinous act of blasphemy must be sentenced. He emphasized that the Muslims and other right minded groups in the jammu region were with the Muslims while the RSS goons were hell bent to harm the Muslims and regional communal peace for their selfish designs. He warned that only the Muslims everywhere but the people from Jammu to Kashmir, Kargil and Ladakh were united over the sensitive issue and the people of the State will go on a Statewide strike against the blasphemy on Wednesday.

The Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Mass Movement, Abdul Majeed Mir, in a statement in Islamabad, while expressing deep shock over the blasphemous remarks made by Satpal Sharma in Reasi area of Jammu said that the Muslims of Kashmir cannot remain silent on any kind of blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He said that these incidents should open the eyes of the international community that India is not a secular and democratic country but it is pursuing Modi’s Hindutva agenda. He appealed to the Muslim Ummah and especially the OIC to take stern notice of this tragic incident.

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