Indian forces commit genocide of Kashmiri Muslims, says Jama’at

Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressed its deep anguish and anxiety over the ongoing ‘genocide’ of Kashmiri Muslims by the Indian armed forces in Kashmir Valley in which so far thousands including men, women and children of all ages got massacred and maimed and a good number of them have become fully or partially disabled for the entire life.

In addition to it, thousands of children have become orphans and thousands of women full or half-widows living in pitiable conditions.

As per Jammat spokesperson Advocate Zahid Ali, “thousands of Kashmiris were subjected to the forced disappearance during custody. These gory incidents happened after 1989 during the governor rule as well as the so called civilian governments under the garb of curbing the militancy. All fundamental human rights of the hapless people have been blatantly violated taking cover of the most undemocratic black and inhuman laws such as Public Safety Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Unlawful Activities Act, Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, Enemy Agents Act, etc.”

“Thousands of innocent people have been detained under these draconian laws without being tried without following the due process of law and kept under unwarranted custody for years together out of which dozens of convicts are still languishing in jails under the harsh and uncivilized conditions. During custody the detainees are subjected to the worst kinds of the physical and mental torture. So many innocent Kashmiris got killed while undergoing the process of the custodial torture.”

“Besides it, huge and irreparable damage was caused to the property of the people including hundreds of residential houses which were raised to ground by using mines and other explosives. The people of Kashmir are passing through the worst phase of history and their very existence is at stake,” the spokesperson added.

“Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses its deep worry over the spectacular and indifferent role of not only the world community but that of the Organization of the Islamic countries over the most crucial situation in this unfortunate part of the globe.”

“Jama’at also expresses deep sorrow over the loss of lives at Srigufwara during an encounter in which a civilian Mohammad Yousuf Rather of Nowshehra Khiram besides four militants lost their precious lives and the wife of Muhammad Yousuf got critically injured and thereafter during the protests dozens of civilians got injured. Jama’at asks international community to exert its influence to get the Kashmir imbroglio resolved for ever as per the aspirations of the concerned people which alone can stop this bloodshed and bring stable peace and prosperity to this whole region. Meanwhile a high level delegation led by Advocate Zahid Ali visited the family of Mohammad Yousuf Rather, expressed total solidarity with them and urged international community to come forward and exert their influence for the permanent settlement of Kashmir dispute,” the Spokesperson said. (CNS)