Indian Foreign Minister Dead Wrong on Kashmir

     September 29,2010                                                                                                                            Indian Foreign Minister, Mr. S. M. Krishna is dead wrong in his misleading statement on Kashmir plebiscite, and he knows it. In an interview in New York on Tuesday, Mr. Krishna was evidently upset about Pakistani foreign Minister, Mr. Shah Mahmood Quraishi’s speech at the UN General Assembly in which he castigated India for atrocities committed by Indian occupation forces in Kashmir. Mr. Quraishi demanded that India allow plebiscite in Kashmir.

The Indian Foreign Minister claimed, among other things, that Kashmiris have had many plebiscites over the years. He also suggested that Pakistan was unnecessarily interfering in an internal matter of India by talking of atrocities committed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.Mr. Krishna knows better than to falsely claim the oft repeated Indian mantra that Kashmiri elections held under Indian rule were a form of plebiscite. He should know that all of the elections in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the last six decades have been illegal, coerced, rigged and fraudulent, and in contravention to the USC Resolutions of 1948 and 1950. The Indian Foreign Minister has no reason to feel irritated or offended when his Pakistani counterpart, Mr. Quraishi states the obvious—that atrocities should stop and India must allow Kashmir to exercise the promised referendum to decide its own political future. This intolerant attitude is typical of the Indian intransigence and arrogance used to cover up her foul play in Kashmir. No one but India believes in these lies to cover up an historic injustice committed in 1947 and perpetuated ever since by a brutal military occupation. The UN doesn’t agree with India. The world community doesn’t believe her stand and most importantly, the 13 million inhabitants do not believe her lies. These are bold faced lies which are unbecoming of a civilized society. Indian failure to face up to her moral and legal obligation to allow Jammu and Kashmir to hold a free and fair referendum is at the heart of the turmoil in the subcontinent. It has claimed hundreds of thousands of precious lives in Jammu and Kashmir, shattered the dreams of millions of Kashmiris, fostered an environment of atrocities at the hands of rogue security forces and generated three major wars between India and Pakistan. That should be enough reason for any nation to reexamine its unrealistic policies and ambitions. It really isn’t ambition, it is sheer madness and bestiality: no matter what excuses India may put forth to justify it.There hasn’t has not been sustained peace in the region for six decades, the entire post- British era. Kashmiris have never given up their hope, or given in to the Indian imperial intentions. They are not cowed down and they are not retreating. If Indians think that one day their scorched earth policy in their war on innocent Kashmiris will bear fruit, they are living in dark ages in which colonialists like the British buried generations of nations like India along with their dreams for decades and centuries. It is the 21st century now, an era of enlightenment and self-confidence. We, the Kashmiris are 63 chronologic years and probably many light years ahead of India of 1947. We have a history of our own, an identity of our own, a dream of our own and a vision of our own. We see our destiny as different from India’sSo Mr. Foreign Minister, we the Kashmiris, are as proud of our heritage as you may be of yours. Our population and land area just happens to be smaller in bulk than yours. But in reality, bulk doesn’t matter if it lacks necessary human values of justice, equity, fairness and mercy– none which India displays in her dealings with Kashmiris.  And so, what is our message to the Indian Foreign Minister and Indian rogue military? Simply this—you have spilled enough blood of our innocent, maimed thousands of our youth, and gang raped hundreds of our mothers, daughters and sisters–shame on your ‘largest democracy in the world’! We are not going anywhere, but you sure are—you are going to have to take your marauding hordes back to within your own boundaries. Then and only then, can there be peace. Then and only then, can we do business with each other, at equal footing: nation to nation and people to people. Until then, sadly and unfortunately,  it will have to be a cat and mouse game of your choosing, where you will continue to choose the level of lethality and the brand of atrocities, and we, the Kashmiris, will patiently endure and resist. We pledge to you that we will absolutely and resolutely refuse to submit— until the hollowness of your military might is blunted by the virtue of our moral right.Mr. Krishna must have been watching, albeit with some chagrin, away from home in New York defending his government while his 600,000 strong rogue military regime is resisted and frustrated by millions of unarmed and peaceful, but determined Kashmiris. Here in New York, the Foreign Minister was talking tough bravado, while there in Kashmir;

millions of Kashmiris were listening and obeying the soft and soothing exhortations of their 81year old spiritual and political leader, Syed Ali Geelani. Krishna Ji must have been smarting due to the humiliation of his regime of six hundred thousand security forces. If that doesn’t make Indians think to change their mind what will?  It is time to end the occupation and cut the losses on both sides. It is time to stop killing and start healing the wounds of occupation.  It is time to hold a free and unequivocal referendum in Jammu and Kashmir.