India's “Islamic terrorism” myth

A new book curiously titled Who Killed Karkare? says a nationwide network of Hindutva terror that has its tentacles spread up to Nepal and Israel is out to destroy the India most Indians have known for ages and to remould it into some kind of Afghanistan under the Taliban.

The writer, a former IG Police of Maharashtra, SM Mushrif, has reconstructed a fearsome picture out of former Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare’s chargesheet against alleged Hindutva terrorists like Lt. Col. Purohit, Sadhvi Pragyasingh Thakur and others.

The chargesheet pointed towards a mind-boggling nationwide conspiracy with international support to destabilise the constitutional order and the secular democratic Indian state that upholds it, to be replaced by a Hindutva state run according to a new Constitution. For that the conspirators were prepared for a massive bloodbath, using bomb attacks on religious places to trigger an anti-Muslim holocaust.

Mushrif, who has over three decades of diligent policing behind him and whose feats include exposing the Telgi scam, has made an elaborate case out of nearly a dozen blasts over a large area of the country conducted by Hindutva terror groups of different stripes. His case: a section of India’s intelligence services, a miniscule group in the armed forces and a section of different state police forces have been compromised and infiltrated by these elements, a development that bodes ill for the future of the country.

In Hemant Karkare’s net (of investigations, of course) many big and small fishes of VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Sanatan Sanstha (which has been found to be involved in Diwali-eve blasts in Goa last week) had been trapped. Serving and retired army officers, academics, serving and retired officials of India’s premier intelligence service were ensnared in Karkare’s fishing net. The menacing power of the latter groups, inspired by sustained anti-Muslim hate campaigns of the last six decades, gave the plot a sinister and highly destructive character.

Among the plans unearthed by Karkare was a blueprint for the assassination of 70 prominent Indians who could by a hindrance to the project of Hindutva. Interestingly, most of the persons marked for elimination would, naturally, be Hindus because it is they who primarily run the dispensation. The conspirators were also unhappy with organisations whose Hindutva they suspected to be less virulent than desired.

Mushrif, who very well knows the power of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to make or mar lives and careers, says he is prepared to face the consequences of hostility of this power hub. He musters “evidence” to show that the IB has regularly been interfering with regular police investigations to let Hindutva terrorists slip out of the net and replace them with random Muslim youth. To fudge the issues further obliging police officers in the states would not mind exterminating a few Muslim youth to be branded posthumously as “terrorists”.

There are quite a few number of such cases where such extra-judicial killing of Muslim youth has turned out to be false police encounters. All this is done to cover tracks of Hindutva terror. Mushrif says a “Brahminist” network that has its origins in Maharashtra, and is closely knit across political parties, government services, including IB, and other vital sectors of life is behind the terror that seeks to destroy the secular, democratic state. He hastens to clarify that very few Brahminists are Brahmins. Many are from other high Hindu castes, some from middle and lower castes.

Most Brahmins are fair-minded and would not like to associate themselves with hate ideologies. Hemant Karkare, too, was a Brahmin, Mushrif says. So is Mushrif’s son-in-law.

It is pertinent to note that “Brahminism” and “Brahminical order” first appeared in Dalit protest vocabulary in the Dalit uprising movement in Maharashtra towards the turn of the 20th century. Mushrif, who appropriates part of this vocabulary for the present discourse, says that Maharashtra still remains the centre of this ideology that, among other things, has the dubious distinction of killing the Father of the Nation.

The power establishment that really runs the affairs of this country (Mushrif says it is not Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh or Rahul Gandhi) does not want to expose the Hindutva terrorists. One example is the blasts in Samjhauta Express, which the IB said was carried out by Pakistan’s ISI. Mushrif quotes a report in The Times of India that said, “the Centre had blamed the ISI on the basis of the IB’s findings.” However, during a narco-analysis test under Karkare, Lt. Col. Purohit had admitted having supplied the RDX used in the blast. The IB, which draws its power from its proximity to the Prime Minister (its director briefs the PM every morning for half an hour), did not want Karkare’s investigation that blew the cover off the IB’s shenanigans, to continue.

Once Karkare was removed from the scene, the IB moved in to fill his position with KP Raghuvanshi, a pliant police officer with extremely low credibility among Muslims for his record of letting off known Hindutva terrorists and implicating innocent Muslim youth even in bomb attack cases on mosques.

There are quite a few interesting vignettes here, like Raghuvanshi and Col. Purohit’s association with Abhinav Bharat in Maharashtra, whose hand was evident in a series of blasts across the country. It has old connections with men like Veer Damodar Savarkar (whose relative Himani Savarkar leads the Abhinav Bharat movement), Dr Munje, who led the Hindu Mahasabha, and other Hindutva luminaries. It is at the Bhonsala Military Academy run by these groups that Purohit trained police officers, including Raghuvanshi. Mushrif asks a pertinent question: Will Raghuvanshi pursue the investigation against Purohit, his guru? A plausible answer is, perhaps no. Already charges have been dropped by a special court under MCOCA against 11 accused, including Purohit, on the grounds of insufficient evidence produced in the court by the prosecution.

This was just the beginning of the undoing of Karkare’s painstaking investigation. Mushrif says slowly the system is working to undo all of Karkare’s work and let off the terrorists who over the years destroyed scores of lives and wreaked irreparable economic damage. The ATS team under Karkare had pointed out VHP leader Praveen Togadia’s role in the blasts. The ATS under Raghuvanshi dropped the investigation against him saying (please hold your laughter) they do not know who Togadia is!
A number of investigations have been thus sabotaged by the powers that be and the tracks of the Hinduta terrorists duly covered. The 319-page book is crammed with such information.

But what about who killed Karkare? Mushrif says two teams were at work on 26/11 – one which did the maximum damage, and was from outside. The smaller team took advantage of the confusion of the moment and acted only on the relatively small CST-CAMA-Rangbhavan stretch that killed Karkare. It was a desi unit that wanted Karkare and his men out of the way.
(Courtesy: The Milli Gazette)

Truth Exposed
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 25 October 2009 – 1:03pm.
After the arrest of Pragya Thakur and her associates there is a lull in the Bomb Blasts. This clearly points at the people responsible for various blasts in India. The Killing of Karkare and his team is no doubt a big conspiracy by the associates of these groups who are well entrenched in the Indian executive and have a hand in their murder.

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Ex-Maharashtra IG smashes India’s “Islamic terrorism” myth in a
Submitted by Wasit (not verified) on 25 October 2009 – 12:37am.

What was Mushrif doing when he was IG Maharashtra? It is easy to make money by writing a sensational book without producing any proof and if it adds to the paranoia and irrationality of the innocent public, so be it as long as his book sells and he makes his money.

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Mushrif & Karkare
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 1:18pm.
a. Mushrif should be made National Security Advisor because he is truly secular
b.If one probes his role in the Telgi case, he would qualify even more.
c. Once this is done, he should smash the real face of terrorism in India.
d. Before doing the above, he should get Bharat Ratna.

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KARKARE was killed due to corruption in Maharashtra Govt
Submitted by AK Singh (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 11:38am.

What ever any TERRORIST OUTFIT – Hindu, Islamic, Christian- may have tried, KARKARE would NOT have been killed if he had been wearing a BULLET PROOF VEST which was as per specification and could "stop the bullets it was supposed to stop". The Corrupt Maharashtra Govt procured substandard Bullet Proof Vest which resulted in KARKARE being killed inspite of wearing a brand NEW Bullet Proof Vest. So KARKARE was killed due to corruption in Maharashtra Govt and NOT by the terrorist as had he been wearing a GOOD QUALITY Bullet Proof Vest at the time he was fired upon by terrorist the bullet would have been stopped by the BULLET PROOF and he would have been alive today. It would not be a surprise if Mr Anthulay and Mr MUSHRIF IPS were party to the corruption and are coming out with concocted stories to divert attention from the corruption and save their skin.

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Shame on you…
Submitted by M Naqqaad (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 9:10pm.
Shame on you AK Singh, you are true terrorist who understands only the gun. How you forget the all-minus-one Cabinet of India? Oh! are Artulay and Mushrif now on the payroll of the same people whom Mushrif tries to expose in his book. You are not only shameless but a fool too.

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Understand the logic of the comment.
Submitted by AK Singh (not verified) on 25 October 2009 – 12:36pm.
NAQQAAD is talking precisely in the language of TALIBAN- if you do NOT agree with me face the GUN- with out making an effort to understand the logic of the comment.

It is the corrupt MAHARASHTRA GOVT and POLICE who are responsible for the death of Mr Kharkhare because they purchased the substandard BULLET PROOF JACKETS which could not stop the "bullets it was supposed to stop". Had the BULLET PROOF JACKETS been of “good quality”, Mr KHAKHARE would have been alive today " (Mr Karkhare was wearing a “brand new BULLET PROOF JACKET at the time he was shot) irrespective of which brand of terrorist tried to kill him- HINDUTVA, CHRISTIAN, JEWISH or ISLAMIST. (Islamist has been placed in the end intentionally so as not to offend the TCN).

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Submitted by Gopi Thomas (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 8:53am.
You guys are the same people who believe 9/11 did not happen or it is the work of CIA and ISraelites, Mumbai attack was not done by Pakistanis, and Ajmal is sweet and innocent.

Karkare would not have died if Mumbai was not attacked. Case closed. If anybody is responsible, it is HAfez Saeed, who is wandering free in the land of the pure.

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Submitted by Anti Chaddhiwala (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 10:22am.
The most pointed rebuff to Modi was given by Mme. Karkare.
The day befote his assasination, Modi had called Karkare an anti-national. The day after his murder, he was the first to rush to Mme. Karkare and offer Rs. 1 crore. She refused to accept it, because it was a bribe to keep quiet.
As Antulay remarked brilliantly, was Karkare the victim of terrorism or terrorism plus something ? The BJP Hindus howled; only they did, as they know their guilt !

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Who Killed Karkare?
Submitted by Bal Patil (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 7:57am.
I concur with the gist of the ‘Hindutva’ exposure out to sabotage the secular constitutional ideal in a treasonable manner in this book. I regret to note how the ATS investigations in the Malegaon blasts matter as also in the recent Goa blasts are soft-pedalling in dealing with the Hindutva organisations such as Abhinav Bharat and Sanatan Sanstha.
I would appeal to the Congress President, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh to beware of this internal sabotage and see that it is dealt with in a decisive manner.

I would like to submit my following comment ‘AN OPEN LETTER ON L’AFFAIRE ANTULAY- KARKARE TO THE MEMBERS OF INDIAN PARLIAMENT’ Published in South Asia Citizens Web Website:
Following is the text of my Open Letter to the Indian MPs:

As an independent observer of the Indian political scene and its ups and downs in the last four decades, and a journalist and an ex-Member of the Media Expert Committee of the Government of India I was simply stunned by the frenzied debate in and out of Parliament and on the TV channels asking for the dismissal of A.R. Antulay for his observation that “there is more to it than meets the eye” in Hemant Karkare’s killing and that it should be investigated. To be frank. I could not make out what political or secular blasphemy Shri Antulay thereby committed.

The first and last principle of fair reporting is : comment is free but facts are sacred. Only a day before the 26/11 terrorist attack BJP leaders were calling ATS Chief Karkare a deshdrohi – a traitor- an offence which carries death penalty. Ironically the very same leaders were calling Shri A.R. Antulay a Deshdrohi, and worse, a Pakistani agent! I am merely putting the record straight.

Permit me to recall re: Karkare episode when you and your party Members were going into the well of the House and/or standing in your seats and I heard allegations hurled at Antulay of being not only anti-national but also being an agent of Pakistan and brother of Dawood. I was stunned at such patently false, mischievous and malicious allegations.
I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Awami Bharat Press

Conference held at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh on 20th December, 2008 demanding a high level probe into the deaths of Shri Karkare, Shri Kamte and Shri Salaskar and supporting supporting the demand made by Shri A. R. Antulay and thanking him for having brought this issue to the centre stage of the national debate, and further that “the remarks by A. R. Antulay have stirred the latent doubts amongst all communities and the popular perception far differs from what the media would have us believe.”

India is at the crossroads of history when Pakistan is recklessly beating war drums and terrorists indubitably of the Pak origin created havoc of 26/11. When the UPA Government is seriously considering war-like options if Pakistan is persistently denying terrorist links, it would be suicidal to ignore the threat of internal sabotage posed by the indigenous terror linked with extremist organisations as revealed in the ATS investigation in Malegam blasts.

2. A section of the MPs and a large sections of media are outraged by Shri Antulay’s voicing a demand for investigation of Karkare’s killing. May I ask in all journalistic and secular conscience why every true Indian committed to the secular ideal of the Constitution should not feel outraged by the following interview in the Outlook Magazine dated November 17, 2008 with Himani Savarkar… ‘If We Can Have Bullet For Bullet, Why Not Blast For Blast?’

Smt.Himani Savarkar, the niece of Nathuram Godse, and daughter of Gopal Godse married to Veer Savarkar’s nephew, is the president of the Abhinav Bharat… Some members of this organisation have been linked to the Malegaon bomb attack of September 29. Himani spoke to Outlook Magazine (Nov.17, 2008) as follows:

Excerpts from the interview in the Outlook Magazine dated November 17, 2008

Question: What are the objectives of Abhinav Bharat?

“Our aim is to fight terror—spread awareness of who the real terrorists are and teach people how to oppose terrorism…. Since the government failed to act, there had to be a reaction. If what the police claim against Sadhvi Pragya Singh and the others is true, then it is just a reaction against the real terrorism….

Question: But is a blast-for-blast strategy the way to tackle terrorism?

“Didn’t Maharashtra deputy CM R.R. Patil say that we must reply with a bullet for a bullet? Then why can’t we have a blast for a blast? Sameer Kulkarni and the others are patriots who love their country. But the government is now trying to declare them guilty to weaken the Hindus. We have become a soft state…should we all wear bangles now? The government doesn’t want to fight terrorism. That’s why it will never take action against the Muslims. The police have cracked so many cases like the encounter in Delhi where Muslim terrorists were killed. But as soon as the police takes action, there are shouts for a judicial inquiry.

Question : How should India fight terrorism?

“We must declare ourselves a Hindu Rashtra where everyone is a Hindu. Anyone who isn’t should be declared a second-class citizen and denied voting rights. Those who have problems with this should leave and settle in other countries. The Hindu votebank must unite to vote out any government that fails to tackle terror. Then we must throw out the outsiders like Bangladeshis who live off India’s wealth and work towards destroying us.”


This Outlook interview also reports “Lt Col Jayant Chitale, a retired air defence artillery officer who runs the Maharashtra Military Foundation (MMF). Chitale lives and operates out of a bungalow a few blocks from Purohit’s home off Law College Road, Pune. He says with some pride, "I have over 1,000 of my boys serving in the three services today. Each one has been brainwashed by me. They are motivated, determined and will do anything for the nation."

Interestingly, a visitor’s book that Chitale has carefully preserved for nearly two decades lists the names of all the young men who trained under him. An entry on February 20, 1993, lists a young Shrikant Prasad Purohit, residing on Law College Road, Pune. "He was a brilliant boy," says Chitale, "This Malegaon blast could be the reaction of years of frustration within the army over denial of their rights and prestige.The politicians and the bureaucrats continue to ignore the military at their own peril and these acts could just be the beginning."

Would it not be better to term the Malegam blasts accused as "Hindutva terrorists" in view of the clear ideological Hindutva and fascist geneology as revealed in their association with the RSS and the Bhonsla Military School established by Dr.Munje godfather of Dr.Hedgewar founder of the RSS . who modelled the BMS on Nazi Fascist model.

Inspiration for the RSS cadres and their paramilitary training was derived from Benito Mussolini’s fascist paramilitary groups, the Blackshirts, after RSS mentor and founder, BS Moonje visited the Italian dictator in 1931. As detailed in Marzia Casolari’s article, "Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: Archival evidence" (Economic and Political Weekly, January 22, 2000):

"To understand militant Hinduism, one must examine its domestic roots as well as foreign influence. In the 1930s Hindu nationalism borrowed from European fascism to transform ‘different’ people into ‘enemies’. Leaders of militant Hinduism repeatedly expressed their admiration for authoritarian leaders such as Mussolini and Hitler …"

It is not only naive but also sheer deception to claim as Mr.Advani does that the RSS does not believe in violence or that Nathuram Godse dissociated himself from the RSS. The ideological connection between Sawarkar, Hindutva, RSS, and the bomb-culture as exhibited in Malegam-type bomb blasts is as infaliible as the DNA test and can be traced back to Sawarkar’s student days in London .The BJP leadership cannot idolise Sawarkar by committing the ultimate affront to Mahatma Gandhi by placing Sawarkar’s portrait opposite that of Gandhi in the Parliament House and claim with a straight face that RSS does not believe in violence and Hinduism does not preach violence.

The ‘Hindutva’ terrorism is no stranger to bomb culture. RSS>BMS>Abhinav Bharat are explicitly rooted in fascist ideology. And Nathuram Godse was not unacquanited with the bomb culture before he actually murdered Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January, 1948. Madanlal Pahwa, a refugee threw a bomb at Gandhi’s prayer meeting on 20th January, 1948 and his statement before the police had given the names of the conspiracy afoot to assassinate Gandhi.

The fact is that before the actual assassination in 1948 there were several attempts on Gandhiji’s life from 1934. The first was when Mahatma Gandhi was engaged in a nationwide tour against untouchability he went to Poona on 19th June 1934. On 25th June 1934 he was targetted with a bomb by the Hindutva fundamentalists. There was no question then either of the partition of the country or the 55 crores to be given to Pakistan. The incident of this bomb attack is mentioned by Pyarelal in his Last Phase Part II . Even more detailed information is given in D.G. Tendulkar’s Mahatma Part III. A bomb was thrown at Gandhi on 25th June 1934 when he was going to Pune Municipality conference hall to give his talk . In this bomb attack the chief executive of the municipality along with two police constables were seriously injured. Mahatma Gandhi escaped just because he was in the car behind. Pyarelal says the attack was well planned. The photos of Nehru and other congress leaders were found in the shoes of the attackers which means that the culprits were arrested. Thus before the bomb attack by Madanlal on January 20 1948 there was an earlier bomb attack. Most of the newspapers of the day published reports stating that the bomb attack was to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

Even more significant was another attempt on Gandhi’s life at Matheran in 1944 when Nathuram was arrested when trying to assault Gandhiji with a sharp weapon at Panchgani near Pune as testified by Manishanker Purohit, the proprietor of the Surti Lodge in Pune before the Kapur Commission . It is pertinent to note in this context that Pyarelal testified before the Kapur Commission that the RSS had infiltrated in the police force.

Even more shocking is the glorification of Nathuram Godse the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. I am also seriously concerned to draw attention of the Honourable Members of the House to the following newsitem in the Hindustan Times dated 30th December, 2008 captioned: CALENDER DEDICATED TO GANDHI’S ASSASSIN . The newsitem states that “nearly 60 years after Nathuram Godse was hanged for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, his ideas have come alive on a calendar dedicated to him.

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year!
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Book: Who Killed Karkare? The Real Face of Terrorism in India
Submitted by Afzal Usmani (not verified) on 24 October 2009 – 1:47am.

This will be interesting to read an account of an IPS Officer who had served in Indian Police System. When the then minister of Minority affairs and former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. A.R. Antuley raised the similar questions, his life was made hell and finally it cost his election to the parliament and he lost his traditional seat from Colaba (Maharashtra) in the recent conclude General Election of Lok Sabha in 2009.

There are still so many un-answered questions about 26/11 attacks and the assassination of Legendary ATS Chief Karkarey. I do not know whether I will able to see the answers in my life time or need to pass the questions to our future generations to keep demanding for the answers of the pertinent question.

The nexus of RSS outfits and KAHANE of Israel ( ) and other right wings should be an alarm for India and they should look into this issue very seriously before it become beyond control.
No one means no one should be allowed to use Indian soil to spread hatred for Indians. The govt need to take all measures to protect the democratic fabric of India.