Is an Independent Kashmir a myth?

In the face of India’s continuous claim of Jammu Kashmir (JK) as being an integral part of India, and Pakistani doubles-peaks on the issue without specifying what exactly it wants from India, as such Indian government is not bound by any compulsions to hold plebiscite in Jammu Kashmir to ascertain the preferences of Kashmiris in JK, even an Independent Kashmir has remained a myth. Interestingly, none talks about a sovereign Kashmir; they all speak in many voices supporting either Pakistan or India. It is a myth because India, Pakistan and China are occupying the lands of Kashmiris and Kashmiris are not at all interested in forcing them to surrender their nation back o to them.
When they themselves do not ask for sovereign nation, Kashmiris cannot expect the world to force these Asian “giants” to return Kashmir back to Kashmiris so that they live in peace. By playing the Pakistani fiddle the Kashmiri Muslims have lost chances for any real sovereign Kashmir for themselves.

Let the Kahsmiri Muslims ask Pakistan to leave Azad Kashmir and then ask India also to do the same in Jammu Kashmir. That would make some sense at least even if they are nervous about asking China also to do the same. 

Only if the Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders ask for reunion of Azad Kashmir with Jammu Kashmir to make a sovereign Jammu Kashmir for Kashmiris, both Muslims and Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists that would make some sense to the world because such a demand would send a signal to world leaders of seriousness of the freedom demand. But they just continue to use the Pakistani language of freedom in order for joining Pakistan.

Dramas being staged by Kashmiri Muslims under the Hurriyats are harmful to all Kashmiri Muslims as well as Muslims in India. 

This kind of gimmick is understandable in circus meant for entertaining the public. .But in the case of Jammu Kashmir where there Is no guarantee for the lives of Kashmiri Muslims who are at the mercy of Indian made military boots such gimmicks are unwarranted and indeed untenable.

The veteran pro-Pakistan Kashmiri freedom leader and Chairman of All Party Hurriyet Conference, Syed Ali Geelani, has challenged the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Indian government to hold plebiscite in Jammu Kashmir to ascertain whether the people of the territory want freedom or prefer to live with India. Syed Ali Geelani, in response to assertions made by a BJP leader, Ram Jethmalani, in a statement issued in occupied Srinagar, said the Kashmiris were pursuing right to self-determination and rejected all other options.

Geelani condemned the move of pro-India parties for inducting tainted and killer officers in their parties and added that pro-India politics was based on selfish motives and as such those parties that follow no principles and have no criteria and welcomed all those with criminal background – are sworn enemies of the people of Kashmir. Syed Ali Geelani said that Kashmiri Muslims can’t forget those innocents who were subjected mercilessly to torture and brutalities by all these in torture centers of Jammu Kashmir. The memories of brutalities are still fresh in the minds of the people, and they couldn’t forgive and forget those people who killed their dear ones. “By allowing them to come at the forefront, the pro-India parties “are rubbing salt into our wounds”, and they should answer how they endorsed these notorious bureaucrats in their ranks as their hands are smeared with the blood of thousands of innocent Kashmiri people.

Geelani hides the real intentions of his party in the phrase “right to self-determination”. He Is not elaborating what exactly he wants after freedom from India and whether he expects Pakistan also to do the same. Geelani in hiding the course he plans for Kashmir after “freedom” and thus he is in fact betraying the Kahsmiri Muslims who are the target of Indian regime and its military.

While the Hindus in Jammu Kashmir are protected and pampered by Indian regime, it is only the Muslims in the state that destined to suffer suffering from all sides especially of occupational tactics.

That is indeed cruel fate of Kahsmiri Muslims and if the Hindutva BJP comes to power in this troubled state, the plight of Muslims would be unimaginable. The separatists will have to run to Pakistan to continue their struggle – maybe to divide Pakistan. 

Under the current circumstances, there is no possibility for freedom or independence for the Kashmir and Kashmiris cannot at all hope to get sovereignty until the Palestine state comes into being as a full member of UN. Only emergence of state of Palestine as legitimate member of UN can influence the course of freedom struggle in South Asia.

One thing looks certain, neither the Kashmiri Muslims give up their pro-Pakistan hypocrisy and become sincere enough nor India would end its hostilities against Muslims there and in India. 

Honesty is obviously is missing from Indian regime but that is lacking even among the Hurriyat leaders who love to play double games with Kashmiris on the issue of freedom. They should now openly ask Indian government to transfer Jammu Kashmir to Pakistan in stead of asking for plebiscite or referendum.

There is point when New Delhi refuses to oblige the Hurriyat with a plebiscite. India rejects such suggestions because some leaders want that or just because Geelani wants it. There is no pressure from UN or UNSC, USA or UK or Russia on India to think about resolving the issue. 

BJP government or BJP as a coalition partner can made the house arrests of Hurriyat leaders more painful.