Is nuclear holocaust imminent?

The Ultimate bliss of Freedom in which the salutation is Peace, perfect Peace, nothing but Peace—The reward”

In an abstruse imaginary exercise take Israel and Kashmir out from the Planet Earth and dump both in the waters of the Oceans, the hypothesis of denuclearizing the world will be consummated and atomic bombs will disappear. 

There are other conflicts in the world like the Korean Peninsula, the Arab Spring, Sudan, Kurdistan etc but their wars will never end up in nuclear explosions.  Israel is a creation of a new State and US is committed to save it from annihilation.  They have devised stratospheric cover to protect it from an invasion of any kind. Pakistan foothills are considered to be studded with nuclear arms manufacturing and processing bases so that if only a fraction of the total fissile mass is released, what will be left is only steppes and carcasses of humanity in the whole region.  

Kashmir and Israel are the two regions of potential disaster and for an enduring World Peace these two foci have to be scarified or brought in the fold of the Common World Order.   The rest of the world are sitting on an irreversible ‘No Nuclear ‘policy and their people will never permit its use and no political faction in America – European Union or Russia – China block will ever contemplate angry use of fissile material.  North Korea may be brandishing their Nukes, but they will never use them against fellow Koreans in the South.  China maintains hegemony to cover South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.  She does not need nukes to clobber the monks of Tibet.   What remain as the two flash points, are Israel for the Middle East and Kashmir for the Asian continent.    At the Fukuyama’s End of History (1989) Doctrine, the concept buried communism and threat of nuclear wars.   European public are determined to see the last of their nuclear weapons and will never use them.  There are no signs of nuclear hegemony in the corridors of super powers but what has emerged and replaced the nuclear race is technology and economical superiority.    Race for prosperity and lifestyle has overrun the nuclear race.   
The fact however looms over the world that America is armed to its teeth in nuclear high technology weaponry.   It has to maintain its high pitch deployment covering Israel from all sides.   There is an umbrella of Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system and Air Burst Explosion weapons ready to use.  Some Nuclear analysts like Mearshaimer encourage America to build more lethal weapons in the belief that it will work as a stabilizing factor and prevent nuclear wars.   They moved on from Tomahawk Missile system to Earthquake Bombs that burro deep inside Earth and explode causing tremors that dislodge silos and fighters.   There are signs the technology to explode Electro-magnetic Pulse warheads may have been acquired by the Asians.   Once exploded these devices disrupt the total communication networks and could be used in Israel or Kashmir.  Research and resources are propelled in developing Direct Energy Weapons that can only be deflected by clouds.  It may be Pakistan is an accomplice in the use of COIL weapons in drone attacks on Al-Qaeda.   These weapons carry chemicals with oxygen and laser.  They escape radar and wander like mosquitoes.   The weapons have sensors that find the target and like the mosquito strike to take blood.
Sagan’s Organizational theory has strong pointers to suggest that Pakistan as a weak nation may use this technology and pursue the neo-realist policy that countervails proponents of ‘more is worse’ policy and keep adding to existing stockpiles.  India is laced with short and intermediate range missiles, nuclear capable aircraft and nuclear surface ships and submarines.   At the Cirus Reactor, the Canadian built facility there is an estimated 4200 kgs of separated reactor grade Plutonium that is capable of producing 1000 weapons.   India is not divulging its full potential and is not a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty (NPT).  Pakistan on the other hand has 70 to 90 warheads according to a Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist (2010).  She also has 24-48 HEU based warheads that are implosion devises.  

There are concerns expressed about Pakistan single minded policy to develop nuclear weaponry especially because they are spiking their plutonium based weapons with Tritium.   Tritium is a very lethal fuel and only small amounts can trigger a huge bomb.  This may be a feature used in Kahuta that house 20,000 centrifuges.   United States Nuclear watchdog has predicted that Pakistan has acquired the second Strike capability from silos very deep down in Earth.

There are also road mobile missiles and warheads at advanced stage of MIRV.   This scenario is very threatening and notwithstanding assurance from world experts that Pakistan has kept a strict control and vigilance on their nuclear arsenal, there is always Kashmir.   The blistering issue that may blow the top of all restraint and the seminal logic about air burst explosion that devastates across all borders and beyond.   There are also accidental and misconstrued triggers like what happened in the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) when Russian Missiles in Cuba prompted a naval blockade and one telephone call from Kennedy to Khrushchev saved the world.     

One of the other downside political challenges is the consequences of the two conflicts on the superpowers.   The 1972 Anti-ballistic Missile and NPT were breached because of threats of escalation in these hot spots.  Michael Evans a defense journalist wrote (Times London 29-11-1990) that Kashmir situation nearly led to a nuclear clash.    I will end this discourse by reproducing a quote pronounced by Tom McDonald from the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) who said:

‘Nuclear war is actually more thinkable today than in the past decade following the nuclear tests and building ups by India and Pakistan’.   Who needs a nuclear Bomb?  We prefer Peace!

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