J&K govt had not learnt any lesson from blunder committed by Madhya Pradesh govt to tackle with the coronavirus when its entire administration had found positive. After Madhya Pradesh, now J&K government seems to be in trouble in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not only have the coronavirus cases in the J&K spiked to 2503 as on Sunday evening , with 29 deaths, the J&K government machinery has come to a near-standstill because many top officials of the Administration, health department have went on quarantine after a senior rank IAS officer who visited Srinagar attended a high level meeting conducted to decided ease in restrictions found positive.

As per details, Officer had returned to Jammu from Srinagar and under regular process was tested for Coronavirus , as were functionaries of government and other top officers. As per details, said Officer tested positive for Covid 19 on the contrary others have tested negative.

Sources told, top officers of J&K government have been put into quarantine after said Officer tested positive and few Top Officials of NHM and GMC also under Quarantine now. Family members of said Officer to be test for this Virus. Besides One Officer of Vigilance department who has also returned from Srinagar also tested positive.

Sources in administration told that more then two dozen senior IAS officers, officials included top rank bureaucrat, Divisional Commissioner, Financial commissioner J&K, Principal Secretary, Director Health Services, Director NHM, Principal Govt medical college Jammu, HoD Microbiogist GMCJ, MD Medical Corporation along with two dozens officers who attended the meeting on Saturday with said top IAS officer found positive went on quarantine either in home or hotels in Jammu.

However, despite showing Covid-19 test, the IAS officer attended meeting on the pandemic, including those featuring top bureaucrats and other top IAS officer of J&K Administration.

Now, top bureaucrat and Financial Commissioner and many other officials went on self-quarantine, J&K govt and the health department is virtually running headless during widespread of Coronavirus epidemic in J&K.
Soon after news of an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer tested positive on Saturday in Jammu, as many as 15 persons including officials from different departments have been also quarantined in Kashmir. The officer has been hospitalised at hospital in Katra.

Sources told, that 15 persons including officials from different departments have been quarantined in Srinagar. “These persons were in contact with the officer during his stay here ,”they said, adding that efforts on to trace all those who were in “unsafe sustained contact” with the officer during his visit to Valley .
As already reported , several top- ranking bureaucrats have been quarantined in Jammu after the IAS officer tested positive for COVID- 19. “As many as six IAS officers and several officers of Health and Medical Education Department were present in the meeting in which the officer, who later turned out positive, also participated, “sources said .
When contacted, Pandurang K. Pole said that they are tracing all those who had “unsafe sustained contact “with the officer. “There is no need to panic,” he said;
Sources further reveals that officers did not follow the protocol, guidelines issued by the MHA while the officers from health department wearing masks and others were sitting with out masks.