Communist Party of India general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Sunday blamed the ABVP for the violence that broke out in Jawaharlal Nehru University and alleged that the attacks were “planned” by those in power.
Members of JNU Students’ Union and ABVP clashed on the campus Sunday evening, sources said, adding it happened during a public meeting organised by the JNU Teachers’ Association.

The students’ union claimed that its president Aishe Ghosh and many other students were injured in stone-pelting by ABVP members.
But the RSS-backed students’ organisation alleged that its members were brutally attacked by Left-affiliated student outfits and 25 of them were injured.

“Reports coming from JNU point to a collusion between the administration and goons of ABVP to inflict violence on students and teachers. It is a planned attack by those in power, which is afraid of the resistance provided by JNU to its Hindutva agenda.

“Masked attackers entered JNU while law enforcers stood by. This video is what RSS/BJP want to convert India to. They will not be allowed to succeed,” he tweeted tagging a video of the JNUSU president bleeding after allegedly being attacked.