Journalists protest RK founder’s killing

The staff of Rising Kashmir and Kashmir Media House joined by journalists of other media organisations staged a peaceful rally in city centre Lal Chowk on Monday against the killing of Rising Kashmir founder, Shujaat Bukhari.
The protest was organised by Rising Kashmir and its sister publications Urdu daily Buland Kashmir, Kashmir daily Sangarmaal and Urdu weekly Kashmir Parcham.
The staff of the four newspapers and journalists and photojournalists of various media outlets participated in the protest.
They gathered at the Press Enclave and marched towards Ghanta Ghar in city centre. Many of them were carrying the portrait of Shujaat and banners demanding identification of the assassinators and punishment to them.
Bukhari alongwith his two security guards was killed by unknown gunmen on Thursday evening outside his office in Press Enclave, here. His death has been widely condemned by people in the State and across the world.
Speaking to reporters during today’s protest rally, senior journalist and Executive Editor of Kashmir Parcham, Rashid Maqbool said nothing could break their resolve to tell truth the world.
“A message has been conveyed to us through violent means. We want to tell the world and to those, who want to suppress our voices, that no matter what will come our way, nothing can break our resolve to tell the stories of this deprived nation,” he said.
Maqbool said everybody has a right to have an opinion and express that too.
“We are not defending our right but rights of others as well. No matter how hard the winds of suppression and oppression will blow, we will not let the flame of speech and expression extinguish,” he said.
Maqbool said in all conflict areas, journalism has to face these threats and challenges.
“Everywhere we see upright journalists set an example even if they have to lay down their lives to speak the truth,” he added.
The protesting journalists were holding placards which read, “We will protest Shujaat’s killing even if we are alone in this”, “We want freedom of press”, “You can’t kill the messenger but you won’t kill the message” and “They can’t kill us all”.