K-issue and global community

Kashmir always attracts the global community for one reason or the other. This has been proven by the statements of two renowned figures – UN General Secretary Ban ki Moon and the US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf. Ban ki Moon on the eve of his recent visit to Pakistan, said that UN was ready to mediate between India and Pakistan provided both countries agree to it. He was undeniably hinting to the vital issue of Kashmir between the two countries. Marie Harf said that terrorism and Kashmir dispute are two separate issues. Harf was speaking in the context of latest tension along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.



Both the statements carry weight. They can not be brushed aside as simply diplomatic. One can infer that something is afoot about Kashmir in the global comity of nations. And the global community is not blind to the consequences of the long pending Kashmir issue. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear capabilities. The unresolved sensitive Kashmir issue can easily turn into a devastating and full-blown conflict between the two countries. The influence of the war could well spill over to the rest of the world.  So the friendly relationship between the two nations is a key for peace in the region, South Asia and in the world.

Harf’s statement is significant in another sense as well. The human rights abuses occurring in Kashmir are catching global attention. The US state cannot lose sight of them as it holds human rights at top in its agenda. The statement has restated the position of the US that Kashmir is a dispute in the eyes of the global community and not any religious or terrorist issue as presented by India before the global community. Thus, the US has hinted that human rights abuses continue in Kashmir.

About Moon’s statement, mediation or the offer of third party to settle any issue peacefully is a recognized way. So the festering K-issue between India and Pakistan can well be settled through mediation. For this both the countries need to agree. Aware of the attitude of the two neighbours about the resolution of the issue, mediation remains the only peaceful way to resolve it. Mediation becomes all the important in view of the fact that the two countries have failed to resolve the issue for the last over sixty years.

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