Kashmir a long-standing issue, world community guaranteed its resolution through RSD: Geelani

Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani Friday castigated CM Mehbooba Mufti for her statement, saying “Kashmir is not a law and order problem and nor it can be resolved through military might”.

Referring to her statement, Geelani said that dispute related to Jammu and Kashmir is a long-standing issue in international forums and world community has agreed to decide its political destiny through the right to self-determination (RSD).

“India forcibility seized Kashmir in 1947 with its military might and we suffered heavily since that day, and we continue to suffer,’’ Geelani said in his statement, adding: “During this period more than six lakh people have been mercilessly killed.”

Don’t tag Kashmir issue with law and order problem, said Geelani while blaming forces for mayhem and prevailing horrendous situations.
He said that we are peace loving nation, however it is impossible unless the issue is resolved as per aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Geelani said: “We are facing bullets, pellets, since past 70 years and as such are more in need of peace.”
Geelani said that “unless unethical and unconstitutional rule comes to an end and unless India concedes to the just and realistic demands of the people of Kashmir, both India and Pakistan particularly Kashmiri will continue to bleed and peace will be a distant dream for everybody living here”.

“They have let lose the reign of terror and turned the state into a big jail,” he said while referring to Jan 26 celebrations.
He added that “Indian and their local stooges are trying to create graveyard silence and pushing people to wall.”
“How can we expect peace in presence of ten lakh armed men and when people are brutally killed, caged, maimed and showered bullets and pellets,” Geelani said.

“Their rhetoric for peace is mere fraud and deceit to hoodwink international community,” Geelani said.

He added that Hurriayt leaders are being caged, denied political space, and hundreds of them were languishing in jails since decades and were even lodged in Tihar jail against “fake charges”.

“We have a right to ask these henchmen that what is that peace you are talking about. They are living in an illusion and it is their delusion that people will budge and succumb to their pressure tactics,” said Geelani, adding: “We will never succumb to pressure and will pursue or mission till we achieve it.”

People will never disassociate themselves from movement and won’t succumb to pressure and corrosive tactics, said Geelani, adding: “We will pursue our goal despite all odds and psychological crackdown won’t deter us from pursuing our cherished mission.”
He said Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for the movement and “will continue to do so till we achieve our goal”.
Geelani in his statement also expressed grief over demise of mother of Hamid Hameed, news editor Kashmir Uzma and prayed for departed soul and patience to bereaved family.