Kashmir – A Rudderless Ship And A Leaderless Nation


In response to an article published in Greater Kashmir on April 4, on Kashmir and Kashmiris written by Mr. Hashim Qureshi with his opinion that ‘civil disobedience, hartals and stone pelting have all proved counter productive. What do we do from here, throw stones and die, OR have a long lasting plan which can work in the conditions we are going through.’ 

It has prompted me to write this analytical essay type article for revealing some untold truths, regarding present day political situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir State and the part played by the leaders who clamor day in and day out for the resolution of Kashmir Problem, but in quintessence they have relegated it into the background to work for it as practical and pragmatic politicians.

Some years ago a prominent separatist leader of Hurriyat(M) desired to have a blue print provided to them highlighting the  roadmap for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir problem. Luckily, I have been working on this problem as a researcher for last 44 years right from1969. As desired by him, I prepared  the paper “Rebirth of a Forgotten Nation’ first of its kind  which was published in Kashmir Times on June 11,2010 carrying an enlightened and a realistic solution of the problem of Kashmir. Soon after, its copies for guidance were sent very much in June, 2010 to prominent separatist leader of Hurriyat G), Hurriyat(M), Chairman,  JKLF and to mainstream party leader Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and one of his right hand man,  a minister in his cabinet.

I sent them its copies with an intention and request to take serious note of it with deep concern, if they sincerely meant to lead the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir State for their betterment and for the betterment of coming generations.

Leaving aside the mainstream leaders, why separatist leaders did not pursue to make it one point political agenda to seek the lost rights of the people to whom they claim have been leading? I am at a loss to understand their methods and the way of their leadership.

Perhaps they could not  visualize the importance and efficacy in adopting   the roadmap  enunciated  in the paper which is the only way to resolve this problem amicably and peacefully to the entire satisfaction of all the three parties involved –India , Pakistan and the people of Jammu & Kashmir  State  who are fighting for regaining their lost right to have been snatched and jeopardized from them for some four hundred years back as an  independent and free nation at the hands of treacherous 3rd Mogal Emperor Akbar in 1587 A,D.

 ‘The enlightened and realistic solution of this problem is : Let the two divided parts of  State   of Jammu and Kashmir be re-united as it stood on  15th August 1947 during the time of last Maharaja of Kashmir. It should be treated as a ‘Neutral Zone’ as a Free country with a democratic, progressive political system with religious freedom for equally all who dwell in this land in a federal system of government with regional autonomy for all the four regions of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh  and Gilgit-Baltistan with a single  parliament for representing the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir which is its official  name for its entity  and unity’.

 ‘This Neutral Zone as a Free Country shall have  to establish good neighbourly relations with all neighbouring countries touching the borders of Jammu and Kashmir State. These countiries are members of the Untied Nations organization, where the case of Kashmir is yet pending for last 66 years for the settlement of the fate and future of Jammu and Kashmir and its   people. Jammu and Kashmir need not to have any membership of UNO.

Geographically the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been a part and parcel of the Indian Sub-continent from thousands of years. Thus the State and its people shall have to play the greatest role by becoming a bridge between India and Pakistan. They shall have to keep good brotherly and neighbourly relations with both of them.

In September, 2010, Indian Parliamentary delegation headed by P.Chidembaram, the then Home Minister of India, arrived here during the Youth and Students agitation on facts finding mission. After their return to Delhi, the above mentioned solution with explanatory long letter was sent to him for their enlightenment and guidance of his government for the satisfactory and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir problem. Thus they started comprehensive dialogue with government of Pakistan to settle all outstanding issues with them including Kashmir. Shri S.M.Krishna, the then Foreign Minister was rightly guided when he  went to Pakistan to have a  comprehensive dialogue with Heena Rabbani Khar, foreign Minister of Pakistan on September 8,  2012 , where they succeeded in taking long strides  for building good relationship between the two countries who have become inveterate enemies and estranged neighbours because of Kashmir.

In April 2011 and  June, 2012  the BJP Parliamentarians headed by Raj Nath Singh arrived in Jammu and Kashmir to prepare a vision document on Kashmir for their party. They were contacted both times and on second time on June 2, 2012 they were provided with relevant material for developing vision document for their party. After going through the given material, they felt highly convinced and satisfied. Next day on June 3, 2012, the BJP Parliamentary delegation under the chairmanship of Raj Nath Singh called a press conference in Srinagar. Speaking to press he encouraged the continuance of government of India’s comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan for the settlement of all outstanding issues with them including Kashmir. He said:

 “Indo-Pak talks are highly fruitful exercise.   With all sincerity on both sides,  the  resolution of Kashmir  Problem is possible”.  {Aftab, Sunday    03-06-2012}.

 “Though Kashmir is an integral part of India, but with all sincerity the resolution of Kashmir  is possible. Our look out have changed after meeting the people here.”  {Kashmir Uzma June 3,2012(Sunday)}.

 “Kashmir is an integral part of India but it is its festering problem too. With honesty and sincerity its solution is possible. Dialogue with Pakistan is a fruitful exercise and must be continued {Srinagar Times, June 3, 2012(Sunday)}.

In the light of changing political situation all mainstream party leaders and separatist leaders of Jammu and Kashmir must join their hands, and come closer if they are sincere and honest to lead the people, and want to see  a peaceful solution of the Kashmir problem once for all, good for the millions and millions of the people of the entire subcontinent of India and Pakistan. They shall have to combine their efforts to strive for its resolution and to make the roadmap given and mentioned above as one point political agenda –which is to emancipate the people from their slavery and subjugation and to lead the majority of people who are either illiterate or politically ignorant.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir want to see India and Pakistan to be friends and loving brothers as they used to be before the partition of India which has left bad scars due to its prolonged stagnation.

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