Kashmir: An abode of grief

Pomposh Aalam
To describe our grief words are not simply enough. To be born here one must be all set to receive the call of death. To be its mother she must not overlook to knit the long list of dreams for her already deceased son. To be its wife she should not look forward to a good omen for her husband. Yes! I am talking about Kashmir my home! My grave! Once limelight paradise!

Being generous enough to my outrage, the queries have achieved the surface as they ask me, where is democratic India and where does its decent democracy prevail? Where are Mufti and Modi? Where are the heedless leaders of this glum nation? Did they hear that we lost a pair of another youth in a week—Khalid and Suhail? A few are on the verge of death and the rest is imminent to die. Did they hear that the hope of another mother has got brutally taken away by forces? Did they hear that chorus she sang on her lakht e jigar’s ceremony? I wish they could have!

Confining the nation within the fences of extreme hatred and aid it by duly juvenile behavior is totally unpardonable. The strength and accountability of India lies in its secular and democratic set up, judiciary must ponder hard before serving Kashmir its dictatorial tenets of law. Especially, the Mufti government had been devoted enough to take keen notice as to why the common Kashmir’s are being killed hardheartedly without any cause. And if being plebiscite is being illegitimate then every human being on earth deserve a gunshot on its temple.

Forces could have educated their rowdy army about their duties, about the undue rewards of power and gun, about the bilateral accord and obligations under United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 47, Kashmir with the following principles.

(i) That the presence of troops should not afford any intimidation or terrorization to the inhabitants of the state.
(ii) That as small a number as possible should be retained in forward areas.
(iii) That any reserve of troops which may be included in the total strength should be located within their present base area.
The aspiration of Kashmiris should not be termed as “Terrorism” – it is fairly easy to understand that no nation has ever got freedom by convincing its occupier, but by indomitable yen and certainly you can’t take it like terrorism. The killings of adolescents and the mere bread earners of families is unfortunate and outrageous as well. The forces involved in all these killings have failed to track these principles as to disclose their responsibilities. And guilty must be punished.
In parallel, the mainstream political parties and separatists too fall short to mollify and convince the people of Kashmir. Their disunity has spoiled the nation like too many cooks spoil the broth. Their shut down and strike calls in disjointed manner will never accredit in favour of these leaders cum rivals. Kashmiris are modest and humble people and it is more a mockery than an authentic retort to these aggrieved folks. This is not going to pacify the wounds of Kashmiris. The distrust and alienation might become irreparable and may lessen the altitude of determination, and when courage is lost, to whom one should complain to?
I am Kashmir I was born free; but they caged me. I stand firm and they took it otherwise.

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