Kashmir: an interim solution


South Asia can never be peaceful unless the Kashmir problem is resolved and earlier the issue is resolved better for the regional growth and development.

But as it stands, there is no credible possibility for that to occur, for, an arrogant India and the notorious UNSC play dirty terror politics with the lives of Kashmiris in Jammu Kashmir. 

Kashmiris in Kashmir valley get killed by occupying Indian forces on a regular basis while Pakistan is unable to stop these crimes because it also kills Pakistanis to make the American occupation forces happy as part of NATO-Pakistan deal.

The deal is simple: USA wants Pakistani military to kill Muslims, drinking their blood, while Pakistan insists on higher service charges in military goods for murdering and assisting the NATO rogues target Pakistanis especially in tribal areas where Muslims try to defend their territories from foreign invaders. 

So Kashmiris literally besieged by the largest democracy India and Islamic Pakistan. That is the current fate of Kashmiri Muslims, though not every Kashmiri is capable of comprehend the deceptive cum brutal world they are in. 

Kashmiris do speak for Kashmir. They just hail India and Pakistan according to the media gimmicks on either side of the LOC. 

But occupation and crimes in Kashmir are illegal. 

Kashmir for years has remained a major flash point in South Asian politics and resolution of the crisis is looked upon as the only way to make the region peaceful, while good neighborly relations between arch foes India and Pakistan could make the reign tension free and even prosperous, with more nuke arsenals, supported by world powers and IAEA.. 

World is unanimous on the view that peace in the region is essential for the stability of the region and welfare of peoples in the region and even beyond. 

However, existing conditions in the region are not quite conducive for that to happen. 

Kashmir is being occupied by three regional powers- one regional super power (China) and two big powers of the region (India and Pakistan). And, none of them is eager to surrender sovereignty to Kashmiris to enable them to remake their lost home. 

Worst is the very predicament of Kashmiris in Jammu Kashmir, Azad Kashmir ans China Kashmir. While Azad Kashmiris have already resigned to their fate as being a part of Pakistan and, maybe most of the are happy of being Pakistanis; Kashmiris in IN Jammu Kashmir under India occupational control are divided, badly. Many of Kashmiris in JK are not unhappy of being a par tof India and are now the elected rulers of JK state under Indian supervision. The Chinese Kashmiris have no option but to be in China as its citizens. 

Although the destiny of Kashmiris cannot be foretold right here, one must agree that they remain the cause of tension and problem of instability and target of outside powers. They have no powers and they do exactly want the India, Pakistan and China want or expect them to do.

The pro-India Kashmir leaders JK are extra happy that India takes care of their huge wealth. Similarly, Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir under Pakistan control are also a happy with Pakistan for promoting the rich in that part. 

But the problem arises when the Kashmiris in Jammu Kashmir who do not support Indian rule and would want to the subject of Pakistan if there is a possibility. 

In fact, it seems all their struggle for freedom form Indian yoke is essentially to get clearance certificate form New Delhi and join Pakistan. It is almost clear they do not want freedom and sovereignty from India to reestablish Kashmir as it had existed before 1948 when they all of sudden found themselves occupied by Indian forces. Their struggle cost very dearly for themselves with over 100,000 Muslims have been slaughtered by Indian forces, while both China and Pakistan take the genocides as if it should only be that way.. 

There seems to no news paper or online portal that seeks independence for a sovereign JammU Kashmir. The media in Jammu Kashmir promote India’s occupational interests, while those in Azad kashmir uphold Pakistani interests as their own.

That is sad, rather crude aspect of destiny of Kashmiris. 

Like India, both Pakistan and China do not want or promote total independence for Kashmiris. 

Considering the above said factors, among other important issues, one could suggest the following interim solution to resolve the crisis and end blood bath in Kashmir valley. 

1. India could now enjoy full sovereignty over the Jammu Kashmir under its occupation 

2. Pakistan could have complete control over Azad Kashmir to make it an integral part of Pakistan constitutionality as India has done as soon as it occupied major part of JK.. 

3. Those pro-Pakistani Kashmiris could settle down in Azad Kashmir or directly in Pakistan. 

4. China can talk of India and Pakistan to decide about the future of the now Chinese Kashmiris. 

5. India being a part of peace keeping forces in some regions, it should stop killing Kashmiri Muslims forthwith. It is too rude on its part that India loves to drink Kashmiri blood. If India still kills the Kashmiri Muslims for whatever reasons, India regime must, ,through the UN, pay 100 crore rupees to Kashmiris for each murder it commits there

6. UN could oversee the resolution process so that no crisis would occur in future. 

The above said solution is the easiest and workable one under the prevailing conditions to save the Kashmiri Muslims from foreign brutalities. People keep sacrificing their valuable lives not knowing the real cause. 

Of course, this is only a solution and not a judgment on the issue. And, also, it is only a preliminary solution and if Kashmiris of all reigns could ponder over the issues and their own future and decide accordingly.

After the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, in order to promote mutual trust, India and Pakistan should push for greater cooperation and collaboration. Pakistan needs to save the remaining Kashmiri Muslims by stopping to encourage revolt against India by Kashmiri Muslims in Jammu Kashmir

After all, Pakistan is equally accountable for the murder of so many Kashmiri Muslims by Indian brute forces in JK. 

Credible peace in South Asia requires an early resolution of the Kashmir issue. It is prime duty of UN to help end the crisis at the earliest.

Enough of bloodbath and tension in Kashmir! 

Kashmiris deserve a peaceful existence!

Kashmir also deserves homely atmosphere for people to breath free of military brutalities! 

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