Kashmir: An open letter to UJC Supremo Syed-Salah-ud-din


Kashmir: An open letter to UJC Supremo Syed-Salah-ud-din

Respected Brother Syed Salah-ud-din Sahib
Chief United-Jehad-Council (UJC)


In the absence of Shura system of Hurriyat Conference the forum fell a prey to clandestine intrigue and conspiracies of the adversaries with the result that the forum got split into three fragments. This is a stark reality to be taken notice of. I do understand that you always felt equally worried about the internal bickering of Hurriyat forum. Now it seems that fission, schism and dissension has become hallmark of Hurriyat Conference. 

In such a situation it is imperative for you as the Ameer of Jehad in Kashmir to assert with your wisdom, prudence, stoicism, political acumen and resolve of a committed Mujahid to stem the rot and rectify the wrong.

All the votaries of freedom movement are interested in ensuring complete poll boycott in Kashmir to facilitate a peaceful and political settlement of Kashmir issue. Also complete boycott of these farcical and sham elections will signify and symbolize a genuine desire and aspiration of ours to avoid further bloodshed in Kashmir.

It is now time to realize importance of constituting a committee of political scientists, analysts and militant strategists of Kashmir and Pakistan. This committee will work as a permanent workshop and think-tank to facilitate early peaceful and honourable settlement of Kashmir issue.

The whole nation feels aggrieved over the flippant behaviour of the resistance leaders who matter. This is not the time for recrimination, imprecation and sarcasm and satire. It is time to show magnanimity, generosity, spirit of accommodation, reconciliation and in fact exhibition of Islamic brotherhood (akhoowat). 

Dear brother, be aware of your position as the supremo of resistance movement of Kashmir. Onus for genuine assertion lies on your shoulders. You cannot afford to watch the situation like a mute spectator. The whole nation is looking at you. So muster up courage to assert like a brilliant and prudent leader of Kashmir to save Kashmiri nation from confusion, chaos, commotion and pandemonium.

Unity of thought and action should be prioritized. And this is what I emphasize as ex-chief of United Jehad Council and well wisher of this nation.
I wish you success. 

Yours brotherly, Date: 20-04-2014
Muhammad Azam Inqilabi,
Ex-chief United Jehad Council (Patron JK Mahaz-e-Azadi)
Srinagar, Kashmir


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