Kashmir and the Role of Kashmiri Diaspora

May 1, 2014

The discussion over the Kashmir conflict is well timed because world focus is on this region due to withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. At this time we can tell the international community that solution of Kashmir issue is important for peace in the region. We can raise the point that Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint as Pakistan and India have already fought three wars on Kashmir issue and at that time these were not nuclear powers. Now they have nuclear weapons and also armies facing eyeball to eyeball along the LOC.

Sixty seven years have gone but UN Secy. Gen. has said that the UN resolutions on Kashmir are still there which guarantee that the issue should be solved according to the will of Kashmiri people. Being a Kashmiri I don’t mind the process of dialogue but Kashmiri people being the main party, should be given representation in this process. Pakistan and India have held dialogue on visa processes, cultural delegations exchange, trade etc. but India is never serious for dialogue on Kashmir issue. We should exert pressure on India via international community for dialogue on Kashmir. India is allergic with the word ‘mediation’ because they do not want it. So the word ‘facilitation’ can be used instead of mediation. India and Pakistan have never been able to solve any issue bilaterally. Some international body has always come forward to solve the issues. So the Kashmir, which is core issue, should also be solved in this manner. Intra-Kashmiri dialogue should be held so that the leadership of both sides of LOC can sit together and find the way forward.

The people of Kashmir are not only struggling for the right of self-determination since long time but also facing the human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. There are about seven hundred thousand Indian troops in Kashmir and this is the highest proportion of army in the civilian population over the globe. Further India has enforced there the draconian laws like POTA, AFSPA and others which give powers to the security forces that they can arrest anybody without warrant and they can search any house without warrant. All those who believe in human dignity, social justice and human rights should come forward and condemn India for human rights violations. European Parliament condemned India that there was mass graves issue and other human rights abuses. Elections are no substitute to the right of self-determination and people of Kashmir are going to boycott it again. There will be no legal democratic authority with the new government of Occupied Kashmir.

There are a lot of Pakistanis and Kashmiris abroad especially in UK. We are planning for a million march in London as there is huge population of Pakistanis and Kashmiris. We have requested the members of House of Commons, House of Lords and human rights organizations to join so that we would attract the attention of the international community. Media should play its role for the Kashmir cause. In past there were some important events which happened in Occupied Kashmir, and were first reported by international media and then the Pakistani media took notice of that. This is age of media and we request local and international media to work on this issue.