Kashmir: Challenges and prospects

 Jul 4 at 8:25 AM

Former Prime Minister

Azad Jammu & Kashmir
July 4, 2014
Kashmir is nuclear ring surrounded by three nuclear states Pakistan, India and China and fourth proxy nuclear state Afghanistan. Asian summit should be organized as early as possible and heads of states or government should sit together and try to see how they can resolve issues like Kashmir and Palestine.
Bilateralism has failed miserably in this case as Pakistan and India have hardly solved any issue bilaterally until there is third party foreign assistance. Right from day one the infamous massacre of people in Jammu was not properly reported in Pakistan and India but Newsweek reported that two hundred and fifty thousand people were massacred in Jammu during transition period.
Almost all the international leaders have shown their keen interest to solve Kashmir issue politically and peacefully and that has been position of Kashmiris. The Kashmiris are not against any country or civilization; they are simply interested to get Kashmir issue properly resolved.
It is not a dispute of land or case of real estate but a question of life and death of more than sixteen million people. Six hundred thousand people have laid down their life seeking their right of self-determination. It is against law of nature that all these lives go in vain; sooner or later these have to come to a logical end. Until and unless actual sufferers are involved for the solution, there cannot be reasonable solution. Until there are friendly relations between two states, region cannot become stable and peaceful and it is impossible until the solution of Kashmir dispute with association of Kashmiris. Military leadership should also be given a chance for a close contact and dialogues. Time bound process of dialogue with association of Kashmiris can lead to logical end.