Kashmir Flood

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir are so devastating that one is reminded of floods in Nooh alai hi salam,s time. Major part of the capital city of Srinagar and large swaths of land including rural inhabited areas are inundated by flood waters. So far as any help in the form of  relief is concerned one has to hang his/her head in shame. One can see the indifference of World in general and Muslim governments in particular towards this human catastrophe, it simply is shameful. It seems all so called rescue operations by occupation forces are a propaganda ploy. Both Indian  government and Indian media is trying to score political points by selling lies about the so called rescue missions by occupation forces. The truth about this is evident when one looks at the list of rescued people and watches videos on Youtube.


           Indian policy certainly seems to create conditions which will ensure that larger numbers of the flood victims perish. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with a friend after struggling for days to get in touch with any body I could. This brother narrated eye witness horror stories some of which we have seen on Youtube and read in print media. He informed me that relief and rescue work by Freedom parties has been going on all along.

This work is how ever on a small scale because of barriers in reaching the affected areas and limited human and material resources. He also informed me about very potential catastrophic situation created by almost 300 cow carcasses floating in water near Qamarwari area of Srinagar which have come from occupation army cow farm. The entire area has a foul smell animating from these dead army cows. He expressed horror on seeing floating dead human bodies in certain affected areas.

        World seems busy in its usual destructive practices and it remains to be seen as to how long it will continue its callus attitude towards this human tragedy and remain close mouthed about Indian genocidal policies.