Kashmir …. Floods after Floods Still our hope has not drowned

Last year 2014 turned sour for Jammu and Kashmir when disaster in the form of floods ravaged entire Kashmir. It displaced hundreds, destroyed properties and ruined everything that came into its way. The numerical turns more than 5000 crore as estimated by ESSCOM. And also via other organizations. It is estimated that this flood was the greatest in century that destroyed thousands of homes and $17 billion worth of infrastructure.

That time the first causality of the floods was the elected government of Jammu and Kashmir. The government was caught off guard and it crushed the hopes of millions who were left to fight it on their own. But this time the newly formed PDP-BJP government did whatever they could to face the floods which occured from 27 March to 2 April 2015. The most panic was created as a result of the predictions given by the Met Department almost after every hour.

In the Himalayan region of Kashmir the current spell of flood came with its own set of tragedies , rescuers recovered near about 20 bodies from two houses hit by rain-triggered landslides in Budgam, following its second major floods in six months. This time not only floods but the landslides also took many lives.

As compared to previous floods no doubt 2015 floods have effected less but from the political aspect 2014 floods had also knocked down the NC-Congress govt. in Kashmir as relief and Rehabtation of victims was not done properly, but with the new government, new floods came and victims expect lot from this new PDP-BJP govt.

“It is the responsibility of new government that they should work for the flood victims no one should say I was a victim but was missed by government as people of Jammu and Kashmir have choosen them for development and better tomorrow, they have done their work let we see what in return Government will provide them” a youth activist Touseef Raina stated.

Again the role of the common people is appreciated. People exhibited courage and helped in bringing thousands to safer places. The role of the youth was particularly commendable. They set up relief works, established health centers.

Till 30 march Floodwaters were receding in Kashmir, but residents of the main city of Srinagar were bracing for more trouble after predictions of additional rain in the next few days. Rains over the weekend were the worst since the region was hit by devastating floods last September.

Most of the people whose houses collapsed in previous floods were busy with building their new homes but suddenly the alarm of new floods sounded and they again left houses to save their lives particularly in central Kashmir.

Many rivers in Kashmir were above their danger levels. Hundreds of people were staying in relief camps after the state government ordered them to leave low-lying areas. 

In the state, post floods, the NC has been accused of gross negligence. Many people came heavily upon Omar led government. It is also true that PDP maintained criminal silence in the previous floods and was seen nowhere. The opposition collapsed and its cadre was nowhere seen during the floods period. The leadership went missing, like the government.

After the previous floods In these desperate times the anger of the people turned towards government as after near about 6 months they have not received any amount from govt so that they can build their homes, shops and other business organization. Even in a abused manner the Flood victims of Shamsipora Bijbehara on Monday accused Additional deputy commissioner Anantnag of insulting them by calling them habitual beggars.
The state assembly of jammu and Kashmir were noise-full in these days as opposition targets government over flood relief.

The big difference between previous floods and these floods from the political aspect can be seen as in previous floods the then opposition PDP made a salience but this time the new opposition NC leaders also took some steps being in opposition to help people, even Ex CM Omer Abdullah, Congress and other Leaders visited their constituencies.

On the other side of coin The Ex. Chief Minister Omer Abdullah was mostly tweeting about of tourism and tourists; “Those of you with bookings to visit Kashmir please PLEASE don’t rush to cancel. In stead I request you wait to see how things develop” Omer tweeted.

After his tweets about rains, floods the BJP’S spokesman Khaild Jehangir in a statement said “Twitter boy should learn how crisis are handled.”

Last time in NC’s era the floods cut through the heart of Srinagar city and displaced thousands. People left all their belongings and were forced to leave in the dead of the night. They held their hopes to the government but help came from nowhere. But this time Government managed to save the lives as well as the properties of the common people and somehow approach was better managed.

Like previous time not only the youth, but the separatists were at the forefront helping the needy. And the top most pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Geelani appealed people on 1st April to do special prayers for Kashmir and the present chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed followed the call and offered prayer at historic Masjid Dargah hazratbal Srinagar. And even in most parts of Kashmir including Lal Chowk traders organized traditional "Sasrass" to seek divine intervention of almighty for stoppage of excessive rains in Kashmir valley.

From the Social aspect many so called Humans quoted that Kashmiri girls are responsible for these floods, but if we look we all are responsible equally, and the state government said the deforestations and pollutions is responsible. On this a budding Islamic scholar Syed Haseeb Andrabi said “Some people blame girls who are wearing tight fitted clothes but the below given point make you aware we are all responsible 1.Our parents only care for worldly knowledge they provide Islamic knowledge to their wards only to feed their mind So parents fail to provide ethical knowledge to their wards 2.we are living in a land were food, clothes, vehicles houses are gods we never paid any attention to critical knowledge .Our prophet s.a.w has often said to us introspect on everything I.e from a to b for eg Srinagar and many districts are surrounded by water bodies they never thought of these devastating floods being our representatives . An ideal representative is on the land but his intellect is always talking to stars. Allah has made us crown of creation for this let I present my qoute It is "YOU" who is landing on the moon It is " YOU" who want to land on stars therefore it is common sense "YOU" is Crown of creation so try to land on "YOU".in short let we use his treasure with great hardwork 3.We are Muslims but we are not following our prophet s.a.w.From parents to little kids we are worshipping western gods ._

With a corrupted soul one cannot expect to have a clear conscience, high thinking and refined tastes. In short we are lacking the divinely gaze of saintly ones that gaze which used to paint our hearts and intentions, hence we all are responsible for what is happening with us.”

The most important thing in this flood was the role of Jammu and Kashmir police, they were seen carrying people on their shoulders in muddy waters, they helped the people in every aspect, even they worked like farmers and collected sandbags to stop the water in entering the historical Srinagar city. Not only from this aspect the Jammu and Kashmir police worked 24*7 all these days and played an important role in saving the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Police and volunteers worked around the clock to clear the debris in laden village in Kashmir’s Budgam district, police Superintendent Fayaz Ahmed said. 

From the both side of LoC many faulted the government for failing to anticipate last year’s flooding and taking too long to respond. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dispatched a special team on Monday to assess the needs from the current floods and get relief efforts moving.

And Pakistan on Wednesday expressed grief over loss of lives and damage to property in floods in Kashmir and offered all possible assistance to the people in the Valley. 

It is true that we have suffered, are confused and worried, we are speechless, knowledgeable are helpless and been left to drown in a river of sorrow, but we must not forget that our brotherhood and our hope are still alive. We will rebuild our Kashmir and till then we are not to cry. Nothing is over, we will rise again. We have a history, a history with victory.

(The author is a Student pursuing MBA at SVIET Chandigarh, hails from Nazneenpora, village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district. He can be reached at syedtajamul09@gmail.com)


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