Kashmir.Foundation launches donations campaign to support the needy suffering in Kashmir siege

Foundation is a Europe based online initiative that intends to extend emergency medical & financial support to the people of Kashmir who currently are experiencing the difficult phase of their lives since August 5, 2019 when the Govt. of India scrapped the special status of the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir granted under Article 370 which guaranteed significant autonomy for the Muslim-majority state. As the people of Kashmir have been confined to their homes for almost a year, the current COVID 19 pandemic added more miseries to their already troubled lives. It’s nearly impossible to live a normal life under such dire circumstances, especially for those families where the lockdown has affected the financial condition drastically and has made it difficult for them to live a normal life.

It gets more challenging during some heath or emergency crisis. However, fortunately, or unfortunately Kashmir has been surviving this from August 2019, almost a year now, along with the restrictions having been imposed all this time. Thereby, it’s likely to be understood in what condition some people may be in, especially the ones having no alternate financial support to rely on. We cannot determine the extent of difficulties and struggles, however, we can play a vital role in making their lives easier, especially the ones in need.

There are several NGOs and other organizations already working for the cause of providing essentials to the needy. However, Kashmir Foundation looks forward to promoting this cause online as it can be helpful in introducing this cause to the larger audience especially in current times and therefore creates an online platform to contribute to this cause. It also initiates to mobilise network to identify families and the persons in need of emergency health aid and support. This online initiative mainly aspires to:

– Meet the basic requirements of people such as food and other things as many families are out of food stock and other basic essentials due to one year imposed lockdown.

– Help those in need of emergency health aid and financial support. This online initiative will be promoted through the campaigns published via -www.kashmirwatch.com- a news portal affiliated with – www.kashmir.foundation.
In this regard Kashmir.Foundation has launched its first appeal on behalf of a 19 years old Kashmiri student who is a cancer patient with the details available at the url – www.kashmir.foundation/cases that contain the proof of his medical history and other related details.