Kashmir – humanistic approach needed

The schematic, figurative and emblematic democracy of USA and Europe is lacking quintessential metaphysical essence, substance and moorings— humanism, benevolence, universal altruistic and egalitarian justice. It guarantees immunity and security for the luxurious life of plutocrats, aristocrats, bureaucrats, sychophants and well-off sections of the bourgeoisie. On the domestic front it is ideally inclusive, holistic, populistic and egalitarian but on the external front it is ruthlessly overbearing and swaggering in its attitude and demeanour. It is latitudinarian and liberal with grandiosity at home; and domineeringly interrogatory in its foreign affairs. The western liege lords relish the diplomatic eccentricities— ragging and nagging the leaders of the Third World countries. On the external front this Occidental democracy is callous, obstreperous, aggressive, exclusionist and importunately obtrusive while dealing with the dissidents of less powerful countries. In such an atmosphere of diplomatic congeniality military hawks of the West find it convenient and expedient to foist themselves on the pauperized but self-respecting countries through military activism and adventurism.

My open letter of March 29, 2011 addressed to the political luminaries of the higher echelons of power in Russia and China reads (with précis): “It is heartening to know that Russia and China as responsible nuclear powers of Asia find it obligatory for themselves to assert, under the doctrine of revisionism, to checkmate the unilateralism-based onslaught of the western powers which are hell-bent on destroying Libya through military activism and battering ram— the blitz with bombs and missiles.” On April 14, 2011 the global leaders in the BRICS summit held in China unanimously condemned the coercive military methods of NATO to solve the crisis in Libya. And on April 16, 2011 the provident and prudent Italian Prime Minister, Mr. S. Berlusconi, declared in unequivocal statement that Italy would in no case bomb the Libyans— the ex-citizens of Italy, the country that ruled over Libya for 32 years (from 1911 to 1943).
Ostensibly it appears that wisdom and sagacity is gradually dawning on the discreet, circumspect and sagacious western leaders who now realize the futility of military adventurism in Libya. They understand that NATO hot-headedness and machismo in Afghanistan and Iraq proved counterproductive. Aggressive military activism in these countries could not neutralize the insurgency; on the contrary it proved instrumental in inadvertently spawning and grooming more ultras with added resolve. USA and Britain have become vocal in Bhatressing the Pak-Afghan joint endeavour to woo militants for reconciliation and political settlement of the problems which have beset the two brotherly countries Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So the sagacity and wisdom campaign of all the stakeholders inevitably crescendoed into a substantive Pak-Afghan discourse for peace and reconciliation. On April 16, 2011 Mr. Yousuf Raza Geelani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, visited Kabul to have a discursive discourse with Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan. The two leaders, while addressing the joint press conference, said: “We have decided to constitute a high-level Pak-Afghan joint commission which will be wedded to the cause of peace and reconciliation using all modes of pacifism and empiricism to optimize and capitalize on the conducive diplomatic ambience.”

Sobriety, sagacity and wisdom is still elusive in South Asia. Indian monotone and monomania regarding Kashmir is causing obnoxious and repugnant aversion to peace overtures. Sensitive Kashmiris have become wary of your ego centric and subjective approach to Kashmir issue. You are still bent on depriving Kashmiris of their inalienable right to self-determination. Who ravaged and expropriated our solace and tranquility? Who ravened after the booty in Kashmir? Who slaughtered, butchered and lynched lakhs of Kashmiris during the past 64 years? Beleaguered Kashmiris have been screaming, squalling, squirming, groaning, wincing and wailing in servitude since 1947; they are now looking for providential help. God Almighty is averse to Zulm (repressive and barbaric acts of persecution). God will eventually facilitate our deliverance. Graves of our great martyrs signify, symbolize and epitomize the attributes like conviction, commitment and indefatigable courage and chivalry. Kashmiri resistance zealots and votaries will never relinquish the cherished cause of Azadi. They will continue to follow in the footsteps of Martyr Maqbool Bhat.

Protomartyr Maqbool Bhat, the resistance-shuttle, kept perambulating and peregrinating the inhospitable mountainous terrain of Kashmir and Pakistan for two decades simply to create and affinity between Kashmiris and Pakistanis. The Protomartyr (Shaheed-e-Awwal) did not swerve, vacillate or falter in the resistance campaign. The resolute warrior was gibbeted on Feb. 11, 1984 in Tihar jail Delhi. Martyr Maqbool is lying buried in the same prison. Resistance stalwarts and protagonist have a substantial reason to resist the onslaught of those who battered, punched, smashed, squashed, despoiled and ravaged Kashmir. Carnage has not cornered the resistance movement; it has, in fact, invigorated and revitalized it.

World leaders, with hearts indurated and ideas ossified, cannot facilitate a breakthrough in Indo-Pak peace process. Well, the proactive political sages can, of course, as pioneers of global political-reorientation campaign help in forging an alliance of hearts in South Asia. It is time when India and Pakistan should adopt a humanistic approach to the festering Kashmir issue. Identify the contours and borders of Kashmir that straddles the LOC from Poonch to Athmuqam and allow the reunification of war-affected areas, viz. Kashmir valley, Muzaffarabad, Rawlakote, Poonch, Rajouri, Mendahr, Baderwah, Kishtwar and Kargil. Install the duly elected parliament where Kashmiri leaders and representatives will determine the political future of Kashmir under the universally accepted doctrine of right to self-determination.

An assemblage of Muslim countries for a serious target-oriented discourse and discussion on the subjects related to general uplift of Ummah is paramount to create a consensus of opinion through concourse and congruency of innovative technophilic ideas. Sagacity and prudence suggests that Muslim leaders should knuckle down to the all-important task and objective of dawah; and Muslim ulema, intellectuals and scholars can play an important role in orchestrating a dawah programme and schema through synergy and symbiosis of seemingly divergent views and concepts. Apparently polarized faith-related concepts can be metamorphosed into a homogeneous monotheistic ideology which will necessarily have a magnetic appeal and impact during a comprehensive dawah discourse. And all the sages, seers, saints and intellectual introverts can be co-opted for this sacred mission. An ideological Muslim devotee cannot be a hidebound and bigoted fanatic; he is certainly a high-minded high-brow having lofty ideas about the transformation and transfiguration of an ideal civilized society.

The present preponderant global politics has added to the mess of complex global issues. It is fraught with failure because it symbolizes a blend of megalomania, egotism, subjectivity, superficiality, sadism, callousness, apathy, indifference, dereliction and propensity for predatoriness. So it is time to empower the emancipated sages, seers, prominent and illuminati in East and West. The objectivity, sagacity, realism and humanism of these altruistic and sagacious luminaries is potent enough to address and solve every political enigma, dilemma, paradox, riddle and conundrum. Global political pragmatists, who earnestly believe in empiricism, should see to it how to empower this enlightened class of human civilization in the form of an institution which will act as a watchdog body in the arena of global politics. It is high time when supremacy of sagacity should be guaranteed to ensure global peace.   

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(Zarbi-Kaleem, Iqbal (A.R)

The writer is Chief-Patron, Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi (Feedback at: mahazmediacell@gmail.com)