‘Kashmir in grip of human rights violations’

Srinagar: Over the past twenty years Kashmir has always made news, and most of the times over the human rights violations by Indian army.

India has always denied such accusations saying it investigates cases from time to time and punishes the guilty. But this hasn’t been true enough in Jaleel Andrabi’s case.

Jaleel Andrabi’s family says they waited 16 years for justice, but that never happened. Andrabi was a human rights activist working in Kashmir who was murdered in 1996. An independent probe accused an Indian army official for his murder but it took New Delhi over a decade to summon this person to the court of justice.

Rights activists accuse India of enabling the official Avtar Singh to evade arrest by permitting his stay at California and India where he recently killed his family and then himself.

Avtar Singh was also accused of killing six other Kashmiri men. Jaleel’s family says justice is yet to be done, Singh’s death is no a relief.

Jaleel’s brother said both countries, India and the US, deliberately kept Awtar Singh away from being prosecuted. He added the justice can only prevail if government punishes all the people involved into making such policies and decisions.

The Indian government is yet to make any comment over Avtars Singh’s death and involvement into the cases. Over these years of low intensity conflict according to the government records over 50 thousand people have been killed in Kashmir, however rights groups double the figure. Like Andrabi, 8 to 10 thousand people are reportedly missing after being abducted by security forces. The whereabouts of most of them are still unknown. The region is also reportedly found dotted with thousands of mass graves.

Most of the time people of Kashmir complain of injustice form India, and believe their grievances have never be heard by Indian state, however India these days has started to put its best foot forward in fixing relations with Kashmir’s populace. Analysts say more onus lies on the Indian side.

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