Kashmir Inc protests, demands international intervention

Various trade bodies Tuesday held a protest in Srinagar against the innocent civilian killings in Laroo area of south Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Sunday.
Separate protests were held by Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) and Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA).
KCCI took out multiple protest marches from Rajbagh and Regal Chowk.
However, the protest march at Regal Chowk was foiled by Police as KCCI members were prevented from proceeding toward Lal Chowk.
The protest was led by KCCI senior Vice President, Nasir Hamid Khan along with other members.
The members including executives, affiliated associations and office bearers were present in the protest.
“As a sign of solidarity and to collectively condemn the naked dance of human rights violations, KCCI joins and supports people of Kashmir to observe peaceful protest,” KCCI members said.
On the occasion, KCCI senior Vice President Nasir Hamid Khan said the organisation urges all right-thinking people of the world to prevent repetition of violations, which had already taken a heavy toll on the lives of people.
“Every killing, every hartal, every strike and every large-scale disturbance demands and calls for the resolution of the dispute of our State,” he said.
The KCCI members also called upon human rights organisations to report events which shake the conscience of the society and bring them to the notice of world community.
“Repetitive killings of our innocent people breach all levels of tolerance,” they said. “It is high time the guns are silenced.”
The KCCI members said they would continue to support people, victims of violence, those who had been subjected to torture, prisoners and those who had suffered and continued to suffer under adverse prevailing conditions to the extend it was possible and also act as voice of the people.
Scores of members of KTMF, led by KTMF President Muhammad Yasin Khan along with members of north Kashmir’s Baramulla and Kupwara district and transport sector of Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) took out a protest march through Residency Road and staged a peaceful sit-in protest at Regal Chowk at 12 pm.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, Khan said the protest was against the recent innocent killings in Kulgam district and why the world was silent about it.
He said there had been killings on daily basis for the past 20 days and no one was taking a stand about it.
“Government of India needs to answer why they are killings innocents here, why they are not listening to our issues?” Khan said.
He said they wanted the world to know what was happening in this part of the world.
“We want them to know what the State government and the government forces do with the people of Jammu Kashmir and how everyone is silent about it,” Khan said.
He said everyone in the world must know about the tyranny of government forces on the people of Jammu Kashmir.
Khan said if they had no plans to stop innocent killing spree, then it was better for every person living in Jammu Kashmir to come on streets.
“If the government and government forces are here only to kill us, then they must give us a particular time and place so that we assemble there and then they can bombard and kill us all together,” he said.
Khan said if these things happen anywhere else in the world, other countries stage protest as a mark of support to the victims.
“When it comes to Jammu Kashmir, I want to ask this to the world why they ignore the killings here and why are they silent about it,” he said.
Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) also held a protest here at Ghanta Ghar, Srinagar.
The protest was led by KEA Chairman, Farooq Ahmad Dar along with Co-Chairman Ajaz Shahdhar and other members.
They strongly condemned the innocent killings in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district in which eight civilians were killed.
Dozens of KEA members raised pro-Kashmir slogans and demanded an end to the “genocide” of Kashmiri people.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, Dar blamed the government for these killings and termed it as an “inhuman act”.
He said the youth were being killed and killings were no solution to Kashmir Issue.
“The systematic killing of people of Kashmir needs to end before the agitation and anger among the people is out of control,” Dar said.
KEA Co-Chairman, Ajaz Shahdhar while appealing the international community to interfere asked them to take cognizance of the current situation in Kashmir valley.
He also appealed the United Nations and Amnesty International to end the “genocide” in Kashmir and help resolve the issue before more Kashmiri youth get killed.
Chairman, Kashmir Fruit Growers and Dealers Union, Basheer Ahmad Basheer also condemned the killings in Kulgam on Sunday.
He said the innocent killings in Kashmir were heart-wrenching and had become a daily norm now.
“The human rights violation is at its peak in Kashmir and the bloodshed should end once for all,” Basheer said.