Kashmir is globally recognized dispute: Geelani

Anguished on the recent move by Indian government to add more than 10,000 armed forces to the already concentrated pool of armed forces in Jammu and Kashmir, All Parties Hurriyat Conference said that in response to the global concern about the gross human rights violations in the state, has hit them very hard diplomatically and out of frustration they create fear psychoses and a war like scenario.

Hurriyat said that this land is already designated as a highest militarized zone in the world and India very shamelessly keep on adding their forces to this armory, surprising everybody that their “Attot Ang” needs more than a million army with latest weaponry to hold it to their domain.

Hurriyat said that army chief’s statement that “Kashmir cannot remain international issue for too long”—testifies the fact that Kashmir is a globally recognized dispute. Political compulsions and electoral lust keeps rulers in denial mode for decades together, but off and on they subconsciously accept the reality.

Hurriyat Conference said that concentrating the already saturated piece of land with more armed forces is creating war hysteria and panic in length and breadth of the state, which makes oppressors job of constitutional maneuvering and undemocratic manipulations more easy and palatable.

Hurriyat said that instead of war mongering and threatening statements, India should consciously take concrete steps to deescalate their rising war temperatures because their recent with their nuclear neighbor, post Pulwama incident, has bone chilling revelations to be seriously considered and thought out.

Hurriyat further said that recent global acceptance and voicing of China after US—and emerging geopolitical spectrum has unnerved India to disturbing level—where they think the only solution is muscle, might and military and they desperately try all the three, but such measures have never succeed in diluting the vigor of freedom for ever.

Meanwhile on the direction of chairman, Hurriyat spokesman Hakeem Abdul Rashid participated in the funeral in absentia of Altaf Ahmad Baba in Batamallo, who breathed his last in Muzafarabad due to the massive heart attack. (PTK)