Kashmir is not Ireland

                New Delhi has, from time to time, sweetened its trap with many baits. Talks it has always used to buy time, defuse the momentum of resistance and deceive world. With a battery of its pet lackeys it perpetuates status quo. Any suggestion for facilitating a solution from its puppets , inevitably, serves Indian interests. With more loyal than the king traits, their gyrations are always Delhi-centric.  To dent holes in the resolve and commitment of people for their legitimate struggle for independence, the CM of JK , Omar Abdullah has suggested Ireland type solution for settling Kashmir dispute.

                In an interview with UK’s Telegraph newspaper, the Congress-national coalition government head said that ‘peace process in Northern-Ireland and the devolution in Scotland could inspire a future  settlement, in which sovereignty is not threatened but you recognize the  nationalist sentiment that exist and you evolve that’. Omar was referring to a deal in Northern Ireland in 1998 which led to the power-sharing after prolonged violence and devolution in Scotland under which Britain created a Scottish Parliament with powers to make laws on a range of issues.

                First thing first: why should, after all, pro-Indian political class delegate to herself the responsibility they have already bartered for political power. Expressing their allegiance to India and believing in finality of accession they forfeit their right to suggestion. Ireland type or any other solution for addressing Kashmir issue. And when they do it, it is shorn of sincerity , all  Hippocratic. All their energies and activities are consumed in strengthening Indian hold in Kashmir. Seen in the perspective Omar tries to tress pass in the jurisdiction which surely is not his.

                Kashmir , unlike Northern Ireland, is an international issue and its solution the  world body (UNO) has settled in plebiscite which both India and Pakistan have accepted. It is only New Delhi  which later retracted from the pledge. Ireland type deal tantamount to dislodge it off its founding pillar.

                Omar Abdullah says since state is ‘landlocked and lacks national resources, therefore Kashmir cannot be fully independent’ . There are many countries in the world which are closed on all sides but still are independent. In our close vicinity Nepal and Afghanistan are victims of geography. But that weakness did not prevent them from earning nation-state status. And as far as the national resources are concerned, Kashmir has been self-reliant state prior to Indian hold. Now in its exploitation and colonial groove, Kashmir is struggling. Apart from being a tourist state with flourishing fruit industry , the state is richi n mineral and water resources. Our power projects cannot only solve our power crisis, they will usher in an economic boom in selling the surplus power to neighboring countries.

                Subjugation has crippled the state in all its fields. The state  yarns for a fresh breeze of air.