Kashmir is on Stake

The heart is bleeding to see the disintegration and utter ruin of our social system. The devastative effects of western dominated media have threatened the very existence of our social values to which rapidly declining employment and almost no opportunity for private undertakings and entrepreneurship have rendered youth depressed, frustrated and extremely fuelled by easy accessibility to immodesty through TV, Internet, magazines etc results in creating a rich market for immoral activities. The acquisitive state of mind and indoctrination done by the holly wood and half naked celebrities on TV shows in which the disgracing of women rules high by portraying them as only the tools of gratifying wild desires rather than to have the roles of mother, sister and wife to play. The phenomenon is starkly rising and ultimately leading to moral corruption. Youth might even start pursuing a profession in offensive activities to make a fulfillment of their extravagant needs. A steep rise in violent temperament is also to be expected viz a viz breeding crimes like corruption, Prostitution and domestic feud etc. The youth in particular is getting degraded to such an extent that it poses threat to whole social fabric. The rising cases of drug addiction the sense of extreme hatred, jealousy, envy, deceit, pretence resulting in domestic conflicts, marital conflicts, divorce, and conflicts with neighbors and relatives on trivial issues, sectarian violence and murder have become now every day phenomenon. 

The dignity and sanctity of individual conscience seems extinguishing day by day as enhancing the character by moral technique have been vanished. State as once regarded as the institution of incorporating wellbeing and welfare have been turned into mere institution of coercion and corruption.

From the time immemorial our state was considered a nest of peace and humanity. The innocence of masses didn’t nurture a sense of animosity in spite of cross cultural and religious diversity. In our state the sense of belongingness was at apex as compared to other regions of south to which spirituality have decorated our vale to such an extent that a small sin was not apparent here, but it was visible when we were having our pir wer existent which ironically our uncounted blunders have buried under the dull waters of Dal lake. The innocent climatic factor paved a sense of belongingness by which the diverse religious organs of our composite society were acting as supplementary to each other. This was the sense of social integration and human development and at present the whole past of the state in general and vale in particular seems to be drowning into the marsh of decay and degradation. The age old culture of charity is being vanished by letting the humankind drowned into the hell of deep sadness and sorrow by accelerating rate of corruption, mall administration, drug addiction, immorality, sexual abuse and more worse the sectarian divide. The recent sectarian violence witnessed in the Budgam area of vale is big example to which extent we have degraded within and much worse than ever humanity have witnessed when the two innocent souls got silted in their very beginning. The drug addiction is not limited to the street corners and boys but the menace has entered our educational institutions and the irony is that now our female folk got empowered to such an extent that they have superseded the males in this race of devastation which can be witnessed from the recent involvement of the two girls from one of prestigious educational institutions of Srinagar city. 

The youth of our state which is acting as a leading party in the freedom struggle seems eclipsed under the shades of evil which is destroying our future by letting our present generation into the offensive obsession under supervisory environment made easily available by several government agencies, which is eating away our younger generation more so every day. The much pain is inflicted by it than the bullets which have been poured into the bodies of our loved ones who laid their lives for the precious cause. They have not laid their lives for the western style of liberalism by which our coming generation will have an easy access to brothels and prostitutions, they have not laid their lives for western style of immorality which they are doing unashamedly on public places and in front of their parents, they have not laid their lives for licensing us to engender anarchy and lawlessness but for the purpose of establishing a just and harmonious society based on the norms of cooperation, equality, justice, and human development. It can be said that the overall aim of our martyrs for sacrificing their lives was to create conditions of prosperity for our future generation by emancipating us from the shackles of slavery but unfortunately we are mocking with their blood by degrading their cherished values. How can be it possible now to integrate such a nation whose future lies in the hands of such persons who have inculcated the sense of deception, dishonesty and deterioration.

The increasing rate of current offensive incidents in our state are taunting among which the possibilities to regenerate our social values seems rare and it seems near that the abode of our society will sunk into the yawning mire of decay and disorder. The apathy of parents towards their children is acting as fuel to fire by letting them unanswered towards their daily routines where they are spending their leisure periods and with whom. It must be ensue on the parents front to instill on their children the sense of awareness, accountability and responsibility. The teachers are having a big role to play. They have to decorate them with moral and value education then it can be said that they are truly the builders of nation otherwise the flood of moral decadence and depravity will lead our young generation into the menace of anger, offenses and criminality.

Author is a research scholar at the Department of Political Science R D University Jabalpur (India) and can be mailed at waniaijaz18@gmail.com