Kashmir issue Needs Third Party intervention.

May 17, 2014
It is more than 60 years since Kashmir issue appeared and until now it has not yet been resolved. Since independence, three wars have already happened between Pakistan and India; two of them were caused directly by Kashmir Issue. It not only cause disadvantages to Pakistan and India, but also has a negative effect on peace and stability in the region. 

Disputes between Pakistan and India have consumed precious resources that could have been used for progress and prosperity. As to future solution of the Kashmir issue, the only option is reconciliation. However, it would be unrealistic to expect overnight settlement of such a historical dispute. Pakistan and India should enhance cooperation, exchanges, interaction and move towards settlement of disputes. Other countries in South Asia and international community should do more to persuade Pakistan and India to talk each other and work for reconciliation.

China is one of the three countries which share the border with Kashmir and its role on Kashmir issue is at least as follows:- firstly to try its efforts to promote peace talks. Secondly to encourage, assist and support any positive efforts by the third-party and international community. Thirdly to give substantial assistance to local people in Kashmir, such as providing disaster relief, improving livelihood there, increasing the basic facilities and infrastructures, and so on. China has will and the capability to do so.

UN resolutions, including national-self-determination, as well as the third- party interference which can be accepted by Pakistan and India, should be recognized as the part of assistance by international community. It must be emphasized that, before the solution on Kashmir issue maintaining peace and stability in the Kashmir region, improving local people’s livelihood and respecting their human rights and democratic wishes, should be the unavoidable responsibility and obligation of relevant parties. –