Kashmir netizens share the pain as Sopore attack site photos go viral

Just a few minutes after the Sopore attack took place, the netizens from Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and other places expressed their pain on the social media platforms.

The social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others remained flooded with the pictures of the minor boy who was seen wailing at the body of his grandfather at Sopore attack site. The pictures went viral soon after the attack took place.

According to the news agencies, the pictures with different captions were posted by the netizens throughout the day.

“If these pictures don’t hurt your conscience nothing else will ever do. End the violence or else it will consume us all,” Dr. Shafqat Khan wrote on Twitter.

“There’s nothing in this world that will help this child get over the trauma he was put through; seeing his kin getting killed in front of his eye. No chocolates, no toffees, nothing will fill the void that’s been created in his chest,” Sheikh Ashiq, a businessman tweeted.

“Heartbreaking news from Sopore, can’t stop my tears,” Zia Ahmad, a Facebook user wrote.

On these posts, a number of people commented and also shared their pain.

As shared on social media on Wednesday, a member of the deceased person’s family was seen narrating the tragic incident.

He said the incident took place early in the morning around 6:30 a.m. when the Indian forces dragged their elder out of a vehicle and killed him mercilessly.

The daughter of the martyred person said “My father was brought down from the car and shot dead,” alleges daughter of the civilian killed by Indian forces today in north Kashmir”.

One of the sons of the deceased said that “We saw it all from #Ladakh to #Kashmir how ´brave´ Indian forces are. These Indian forces become sting ducks when fighting with China and killing ´bravely´ unarmed civilians in Kashmir .”