Kashmir rape victims await justice

An Indian court recently sentenced four men to death for the gang rape and murder of a student in New Delhi last year. That incident provoked violent protests across India and led to tougher laws against the crime. But hundreds of rape victims in the Indian-controlled Kashmir are still waiting for justice to be served in their cases.

For the last twenty three years Indian controlled Kashmir witnessed the worst of conflict. Alleged war crimes were reported across the region. Killings, abductions, torture , molestations and rape cases have most of the times made news from the region. Surprisingly so far none has resulted in proper prosecution.

Non governmental Estimates reveal more than 7000 cases sexual abuse have happened in the region mostly by indian army and its police and only 10 percent of the cases have been documented so far because of the fear of reprisal, social stigma and lack of trust in state institutions. 

Press TV talked to one of the vocal pro-India law makers in kashmir and asked why new delhi is delaying to deliver justice in the cases in Kashmir. 

One of the most horrible rape cases documented from kashmir is that of Kunan Poshpora. Back in 1991 February over 50 women in the age group of 12 to 80 were allegedly gang raped by the Indian army personal. Later the case was closed by the authorities. 22 years on the people of that village continue to demand justice. 

Now since New Delhi has handed capital punishment to the 4 rapists, the question that comes to mind in the conflict hit kashmir is will India ever be able to deliver justice to Kashmir rape cases. 

Majority of the enquiries in such cases are pending or have been closed by authorities labeling them irrelevant or untraced . Social activists say civil society of India has failed to have an impact on the Indian government when it comes to crimes against the people of kashmir. 

New Delhi claims Kashmir is its integral part and it treats all its citizens equally, now it remains to be seen whether it will ever deliver justice in kashmir where its security forces are accused of heinous crimes. 

-Press TV-