Kashmir reach British Parliament

Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram counted three things to judge ‘normalcy’ in Kashmir. (a) the ‘successful conduct’ of Panchayat elections (b)  the six    lakh tourists  visiting kashmir valley so far  and (c) over seven lakh Amarnath  yatrees  visiting  pious cave in Pahalgam.
                        And ‘normalcy’ they mean-and  sell in the world _that people of Kashmir have reconciled to their     fate with India. That they have  no problem in being a ‘part  and parcel’ of India. That Kashmirees have given up their demand to right to self determination.
                  That  no dissenting view should emerge to neutralise Indian narrative, the Indian authorities have Virtuallycreated a grave-yard silence in kashmir.
Geelani, whose  committment and steadfastness and not-for-sale profile have won him the stature of Omar Mukhtar_ the Liban ‘Lion of Desert’ who did not allow his old  age to dampen his spirits while fighting  Italian troops for more then two decades in twenties and thirtiees of  last  centuary_has been made limbless with police launching a brutal crackdown  on  his  Tareek Huryat Party. Geelani’s  house  too has   been converted into  a jail.  The other pro-resistance leaders  too have been restrained to freely  express their   view points. the political space,  and  every inch of it, is created and  preserved for  pro-Indian political groups. And the "friendly contest"  or "sibling rivalry" within the Establishment parivar is projected as democratic dissent. So that  the world gets the impression that the demand for  the RSD is muffled and, eventually, drowned in the high dicible voice of  pro-Indian groups.
    However, world is not that naive to be taken in by the  deceit that is mucked  out to  camoflauge the  truth and conceal  the  facts. The point that was driven home to Dehli last  week by British Parliament. In an unprecedented manner the UK Parliament made a demand for  right to self-determination for kashmiris for resolving the JK issue. Initiating a general debate in the House of  Commons on human rights in the Indian sub-continent, Steve  Baker, Conservative MP, demanded that an international commission  should    investigate human rights voilations in Kashmir. Mr  Baker urged British Government to play the  role of a ‘critic  friend’ and support kashmiri’s right  to self determination. Citing Amnesty International report the  revered UK legislator stated that mass killing,  rapes and unlawful detentions have occured in kashmir and pressed for troops withdrawal. Several  other MPs including Ian Austin, Labour MP, Jonathan Lord, Conservative  lawmaker and Andrew Griffithis, Conservative MP, made a strong case for RSD for Kashmirees and stressed that RSD was the only way to resolve the issue. Foreign Office Minister  Alastair Burt in his reply stated that for any solution the wishes of the kashmiri people should  be respected.  
      On  the gross human rights voilations he said. " We  are keenly watching the situation in JK and we are not unware of  human rights voilations there." the minister also refferred  to the brutal killings of  innocent civilians by Indian Forces during the last year’s   summer  uprising.
                   The  full-scale debate in the House of Commons has raised  (expectedly) eye      brows in Indian diplomatic circles.  And India has conveyed its ‘unhappiness’ to the MPs anf  Foreign Office describing the move as ‘not very  helpful’ in advancing Indian-UK relations. Nonetheless the content and direction of the debate has created anxiety in the India. Aware of the political and diplomatic fall-out of the mega-event, India tried to flex its ‘democratic’ muscle: ‘India is  a vibrant democracy which fully respects rule of law and human rights,’ claims  Official person in the Ministry of   External affairs Vishnu Prakash.
            World is witness how in a ‘vibrant democracy’ human rights are respected. Advocate  Jalil Andrabi’s killer Major  Avtar Singh is roaming free in West. Kunan Poshpara rapists have not been produced in court of law.Aasia and           Neelofar? And last year’s  civilian deaths? The criminals are enjoying the "grace" of the uniform  they  wear.
         The  debate in UK parliament has truly echoed the  voice of    Syed Ali Shah Geelani who has from day one reiterated that RSD is the only perminent  and just solution for curing the   festering sore of  Kashmir that has  made     peace in sub-continent hostage to  it.
   Till yesterday even ‘moderate’ voices from resistance camp  were criticising Geelani for not showing ‘flexibility’ in his demand for RSD as the only viable solution of K-dispute. Now British law makers too have vindicated his stand.

   Moral: Truth in itself is dominating power and always triumphs