The unresolved mystery the paradise on earth is bound with, reaching to its climax executing more than 10 million hearts searching to be in peace. let the world know, how emotions here are damped, sorrowful cries deceased, wishes and aims chattered. Our dreams lie within the pillow, outraged with injustice. The special states that favored us too seem to be in dismissal, the coalition 2015 brought up left the valley stunned. The biased political hegemony shortly after assembly elections and in a voracious drive to be in power led the peoples’ democratic party to offer a compulsive consent to BJP to include them in the realm of affairs. Mufti Muhammad Syed, after coming to power initiated multi spatial positive assignments, hoping to revive the impending juggernaut emboldened in the state, hardly aware of the mischievous tactics behind the desk, the central pressure from New Delhi to legalise wine triggered massive protests all over the valley, the inductive eviction of state flag, a mega design to rift the special status of the valley, acted as a precursor to dilute the presence of PDP in general and the stature of Mufti Muhammad Syed in particular.

The realization of the fact, that they are being used to facilitate the predecided designs set by BJP to alter the nomenclature, biography, geography, of the state knocked their desk when prime minister Narendra Modi didn’t spare a minute to visit Mufti Muhammad Syed, while he was in AIIMS New Delhi. After Mufti’s demise, what we saw, was beyond imagination. After a brief drama from Mehbooba Mufti, to assign pre_requisites to continue the coalition has a short shelf life and later she commenced to the pressure of BJP, in a bid to be on CM chair. Hence we witnessed the change in the party, slightly progressing towards intolerance, nepotism.

The aftermath of 2016 altered the whole narrative, and thus began the era of tears, accelerated counterinsurgency operations, dent on democracy, setting restrictions on the press, resorting to intolerances over caste, color, gender, as if the valley is infested by wild beasts.

Let humanity, snatch post-1947 griefs from us. The generation here, waiting to be called civilized. Why people don’t believe us after crossing the tunnel? hy we are regarded terrorists, avail of humanity.“ Quoting principle Secretary to former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee,, do you know in Kashmir only one thing is straight that is, popular tree, “to begin with” one who listens to the truth is not less than one who utters the truth “

The nefarious designs encapsulated in horrific lust continue to muzzle the common masses of the valley, lest it be the incident like” the 21 brave souls and the prayer “wherein a brazen, brutal, horrific violation, these 21 sons of the souls paid with their blood to let the prayer echoed all over the valley. We call them martyrs, unfortunately, others don’t!

The tenacious partition that eventually drifted the valley into a chopper, even the innocent cries nullified in the dark environment hardly recognized. Unabated custodial killings, disappearances, the mothers of the valley often crave for.

While the Renaissance and industrial revolution vibed the entire planet into a comfortable dwelling, the valley drowned to dark cosmos where the grown plants where deserted, the newly blooming flowers where throttled.

“to whom these tears belong, “oh motherland”

“we rise with you, we die with you “

These heart-wrenching incidents continue to linger in the minds of the people.

” they don’t die once “every second they feel the sigh of death”

“they don’t cry once “every second

Their eyes vouch, heart fumbles”

We don’t have any arms manufacturing plant here, still, the mega ammunition depot delivered, utilized here.

“the only thing left to us is “tears” nobody turns out to wipe them ”

Certainly, the time has come, while once the Noble giants of the world political communities approached, sometimes with” track 1″ the other time with “track 2” some initiating the bus drive while others sending dignitaries have yielded futile results.

Just like everything the people dwelling here are turning the tide around, waiting for their turn to knock their resilience, once saturated the overall graph will steep down and hardly anyone could stop the mega onslaught that will ignite earthquakes all over the globe.

These dignitaries dined here, laughed a bit but couldn’t sense the pain, if they would have, things could have been something different.

The resolution is the only way ahead, purely based on their ingrains, it goes with the normal neurophysiological process “response to stimuli” as long as their is peaceful stimuli, will get an adequate empathetic response, rest is known to everyone.

Now coming to the core of this “Kashmir Valley is like a black hole, whosoever dares to know the truth, is eventually put to rest”

Those who even tried were meted with the same response and putting the figures is not necessary because you have livestock of such examples.

“After in-depth analysis for a long, my neurons elicited that Kashmir is represented by none, “

Within a meter of the valley, you will be introduced to the political dogmas, calling themselves the son of the soils, they are masked and behind these masks resides an evil, they don’t belong to the valley.

Putting the percentage to 5%, working for different catalogs, impounded with lust, the filth. The rest of the valley is like a flower, as long as you nourish it, you will sooth in fragrance, but don’t dare to pluck it, although it will never die, surely you will never get a peaceful life.

“oh motherland don’t besiege, perplexed we feel “

” we love to live with you, we dare to die with you “

” the tears are sacred, hold them “

Tawfeeq Irshad Mir, organizing member Kashmir Law Circle, the political columnist.

BSc Hons nursing student GMC Srinagar. Email: tawfeeqirshad@gmail.com