Kashmir The Most Highlighted Issue of Today’s World

Jawad Ahmad

With the discovery of Pakistan, there were many issues raised and Kashmir problem was one of them. Pakistan tried its best to solve this issue, but they were unsuccessful. Since then, the Kashmiri people are facing the problems over there. They have been tortured by different ways on the basis of their religion from other people. No doubt that Kashmir is the ever burning issue ever. Over there, Muslim majority state rule by Hindu rulers. The partition of that place was demanded by many people, but it was not accepted by the British and Hindu rulers. Many efforts can be seen in this regard, but the problems are still unsolved.

At that place, the main problem is Muslim extremism. Since 1947, it is an ongoing problem, which has never been viewed in a historical perspective and it is totally irrelevant. That ancient place and the great culture must be identified through different movements and resolutions so that it can become a solved issue. This place must be an integral part according to its own wishes, and other Muslim states must support them. They must take care that the culture of Kashmiri people should not ruthlessly destroyed by theocratic fanaticism in any way.

Many movements had started and ended to solve this burning issue such as Khalistan movement, UN resolutions and so on, but any change in the issue could not be seen. Different Islamic groups have also made over there, which are continuously performing different tasks in the favor of Kashmiri people. But as a fact, there efforts have never been counted by anyone. British and Hindu rulers have a complete control on this valley. Any human right organization is not working over there, which is a most notable point by other Muslim states. The only goal of the residents of Jammu and Kashmir is to get independence. They have not demanded for anything else.

I think, independence is the most positive demand for them, and a light must be thrown by this fact. It is a burning issue and in this matter all the Muslim states should take some major states. Kashmir is a mountainous region which is located in the Indian sub-continent, and is a severe dispute between India and Pakistan. In 1998, the reason was the same behind the nuclear war. On this burning issue, some wars between the two states can also be seen. This controversy is the main cause of tension between the two countries such as India and Pakistan. The human rights organization should something to maintain peace between them.

In order to solve this issue and maintain peace, a right of self-determination must be given to the people over there, because according the human rights code of conduct; they all have a right of self-determination. A survey concluded that there are almost 9 million people living at that place in which 6 million are Muslims. It has been clear that a Muslims majority has presented over there, and they have the complete rights of criticism and protest for their best.