Kashmir: UN plebiscite: a British India mischief, conspiracy against Kashmiris!

There cant be any illusion about the mischievous role played by the colonial master of Indian subcontinent called Great Britain in the occupation and division of Jammu Kashmir. Had India invaded Kashmir on its own against wishes of its bosses in London, UK had all the powers to stop the invasion or at least or end the occupation as well as brutalities. 

The message here is UK had guided the Indian invasion of neighboring Jammu Kashmir with ulterior motives. 

And logically, therefore, London is behind all the crimes committed against humanity in Kashmir valley. 

One wonders why do the Kashmir freedom leaders in India occupied Jammu Kashmir seek a meaningless plebiscite on Kashmir to decide the fate of Jammu Kashmir which remains fully occupied by its neighbors, India, Pakistan and China. While India and Pakistan are nuclear powers with abundant poverty in both countries, China is not just a nuclear power but also a veto member of the notorious UNSC defending and promoting all terror wars of NATO rogue states. 

First, the UN mandated plebiscite was a British India mischief, and conspiracy against Kashmiris, to fool the Kashmiris maybe on a permanent basis. 

Had the UN been sincere in the implementation of the mandate it would certainly have gone ahead to see that the mandate is fulfilled in true spirits and let the Kashmiris decide their future that way. But that didn’t happen and perhaps would not happen even in future unless the Kashmiris take the struggle beyond Jammu Kashmir to New Delhi, Washington and London – the centers of colonialist master planners. 

Second, the prolongation of the status quo in Indian brutality in Jammu Kashmir has only benefited India to enter into military ties with many such colonialist nations across the globe. As a result, many countries, including fascist Israeli, sell their waster terror goods to India. And, India terrorizes Kashmiris.

India has also emerged a strategic partner of many big powers, especially USA to strike deals on nukes without losing its traditional nuclear partner Russia. . 

The world powers USA, Britain and France only pretended championing the future status of Kashmir to be ascertained in accordance with the aspirations of the people of the JK territory by adopting the Security Council resolution on April 21, 1948. In fact, they began advancing their trade with India by sidelining the resolution and leaving fate of Kashmiris to Indian military forces occupying their territories. . 

Three, Pakistan could not use its close ties with USA and its western allies to influence India to go for the plebiscite. Failed to make the UNSC veto members support the Kashmir issue, Pakistan only managed to get some aid and military goods form USA and Europe. 

Without any sincere efforts on the part of UN to implement the mandate, the resolution remains a dead skeleton. 

Four, over years of delay and resolution and continued occupation of JK, many Kashmiris have been made Indians and pro-Indians this side, and Pakistanis and pro-Pakistanis, on the other side. 

Five, Like in Azad Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir under Indian occupation also has an elected government, though the elections could be disputed out. This Congress-NC Farooq government in JK always supports India and its illegal occupation and crimes. 

Not even once, the JK government made a sincere attempt to bring the issue to international forums. JK assembly has not passed a resolution for their willingness to be free from Indian state. 

That would certainly have strengthened the position of freedom fighters. But India is using the JK government to claim legitimacy of its occupational brutality over years. 

All these have happened with ill-fated Kashmiris with tacit support and even authorization of major powers. 

If now India were to take a plebiscite in India over the Kashmir issue, the media would take a patriotic prestige issue like many politicians and Kashmiris would lose the case. Of course, a plebiscite inside Jammu Kashmir might help the Kashmir cause to some extent, because India has over years of occupational plus media tactics have neutralized Kashmiris, terrorized and silenced. 

The wrong ideas of joining Pakistan have not made their case easy- in fact it has harmed them greatly. 

Now the plebiscite has no relevance and Kashmiris should seek full and complete freedom from India.

Kashmiris could take the UN diplomatic route to obtain a positive resolution. The freedom struggle should reach New Delhi where there is a humane government of Delhi has assumed office recently.

Maybe that is not sufficient now. Some protests should take place in front of embassies of India all over India, especially in veto and NATO nations.

India needs some external pressure exerted on it to be able to act and resolve the Kashmir issue. . 

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